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100 Years Of The American Rifleman

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In July 2023, American Rifleman celebrates 100 years of continuous publication under its current name. In that time, we’ve borne witness to the American Century, comprised of historic conflicts, economic upheaval, political turmoil and technological development not seen before in the entirety of the human experience.

Our May 1942 issue cover shows a citizen-soldier armed with an M1 Garand guarding American shores in the uncertain dawn of the greatest war the world had ever seen. From every corner of the nation, NRA members answered the call to arms, many of them confident in the skills and discipline they brought to the battlefield from years of hunting with and handling firearms.

For the NRA member, American Rifleman’s monthly magazines have provided a ready source of knowledge through its technical evaluations, experiential stories and institutional wisdom. Across the past century, our format has changed dramatically, but our mission remains the same: comprehensive assessments of the firearm industry’s latest designs.

As we embark on our second century of existence, our promise remains the same as it was in June of 1923: “… the rifleman’s magazine will be bigger and better and will be equipped to serve the shooters and conserve their interests better than ever in its entire history.”

On this page, we’ll be recognizing the 100th anniversary of American Rifleman with regular updates highlighting important moments in our history. Here are a few resources to learn more about your American Rifleman and what it’s covered through the decades:

The Glock 17 Pistol: American Rifleman’s Original Review




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