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4-Year-Old Suspended from School for Bringing .22 Caliber Bullet Casing

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Does anyone remember “Show and Tell” at school when you were younger?  You brought something to school that you thought was cool and wanted to show your friends and even talk about it.  Well, not a 4-year-old boy has been suspended from preschool for bringing in a .22 caliber shell casing!

That’s right, an empty bullet casing!  This was not a live round.

Kristy Jackson of Illinois had no idea her little boy had discovered a bullet casing, which he thought was neat and wanted to take to school with him to show his friends.  He is 4 after all (which begs the question of why are these parents putting him in school so early).  He’s been attending preschool for about a year, according to his mother.

Little Hunter was suspended from A Place 2 Grow for having this “dangerous object.”

I never thought this could happen to us. You see stuff on the news like this, but….

Today, I picked up my happy…

Posted by Kristy Jackson on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

“I never thought this could happen to us,” Jackson wrote on Facebook.  “You see stuff on the news like this, but….Today, I picked up my happy little 4 yr old from preschool, at A Place to Grow, in Troy. My arrival was met with a stone faced teacher, who told me that Hunter brought a ‘shotgun bullet’ to school. 😨 I was horrified. My kid? Who just spent the weekend learning gun safety?”

A shot gun bullet?  Really?  It’s a .22 shell!  It doesn’t even have a bullet in it!  At least mom was informed.

“When I was escorted to the office for a sit down,” she continued.  “I was handed a tiny .22 empty brass casing. Not a ‘shotgun bullet’. He found it on the ground, expelled from a 22 Rifle over the weekend, while Hunter was target practicing with his Police Officer Grandpa. He was so excited, and snuck it to school to show his friends. We had no idea about it.”

She then went on to explained that she was handed a piece of paper with disgusted looked looks at her for her son having such a thing and that it warranted a 7-school-day suspension, which she had to pay for even though he would not allow to be there.

She also said that the school threatened, “that if his enthusiasm for guns continued, he’d be permanently expelled.”

She then said it was an opportunity for a “teaching moment.”

“This could literally happen to ANY CHILD who happened to find one on the ground and thought it was cool,” Jackson said.  “He does not have access to ANY weapon in our home. This could have been handled by explaining appropriate behavior at school.  He’s 4. This doesn’t hurt him, or teach him, or help him. Just his parents, who do not condone bringing these kinds of things to school. Ever. Had we known, we of course would have stopped it. But every time he or another child mentions a gun (like every boy I grew up with did) they punish him.”

If that was not enough, Fox 2 reports:

The school’s vice-president e-mailed her that he was notifying the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  He confirmed that to Fox 2 but said since A Place 2 Grow was licensed by DCFS, DCFS needed to be notified.

They called Child Protective Services on her!  Oh, the hypocrisy!  Parents didn’t know he had the casing and neither did the school till the boy pulled it out, but the school calls the government on the parents!

Well, allow me to offer a teaching moment here.  First, there is nothing wrong with bringing a spent bullet casing to school or anywhere else, to be honest.

Second, Mrs. Jackson and her husband should now be fully aware of what the public indoctrination centers are doing to her child, and so should anyone reading this.  Just on the issue of guns, the public indoctrination centers, are training children to be against them, unlike the family here who was attempting to teach Hunter gun safety and respect for weapons at an early age so that he will be able to use them later on in life.  This will eventually lead to a generation of people that will be so against guns that they demand even more than now, that government get involved and start disarming people.

Third, since the school is so rabid about wanting to infringe on this, why in the world are parents so willing to put their kids in these places, especially at 3 years old?

I have always said that it is the parents’ responsibility to take care of and educate their own children.  It is not someone else’s responsibility and certainly, the state has no business in it.

I suggest that Mrs. Jackson and her husband seriously contemplate bringing little Hunter back home and teaching him there for free (Click here to get started)!  I have suggested this to numerous families because, in the end, our Creator has said that parents are to instruct their children all throughout the day.  It’s best for the parents, best for the child, and best for the culture.

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