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Actor James Woods: If ANTIFA Thug Broke In My Door, It Would Be Final 5 Seconds Of His Life

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After the horrifying news broke that ANTIFA had targeted Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home and his wife, breaking their front door and trespassing on their property to harass and intimidate the Fox show host, actor James Woods chimed in that any ANTIFA mob member that broke in his door would be facing the final five seconds of his life.

The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson posted video of the mob fascists outside Carlon’s home chanting veiled threats and harassing him with a bullhorn on his own property.

Actor James Woods piped up as usual with a simple but great piece of commentary, and as such, will be the very reason that no ANTIFA members ever approach him or his home.

“The attacker who would break down my door would do so during the final five seconds of his life,” he tweeted.

I wrote something similar on Thursday as I encouraged Carlson to arm and train his wife and any children able to be trained so that they can defend themselves.

My advice to Tucker Carlson is the same instructions I’ve given my wife regarding something of this nature:  If people show up, and start being loud in the yard, put them on notice that the police are being called and I have all the older children at home and my wife armed.  If those people fail to leave when you tell them to, they are clearly trespassing.  Video should be captured, by the way to identify the criminals.

Finally, if something like what took place at Carlson’s home happened at my home where people are a mob attempting to break down the door, I have told my wife, shoot through the door till it stops, then shoot some more.  That will send a strong message to these people that you are not to be messed with.

An armed society is a polite society is how an old saying goes.  I’d also say that an armed society spends more time stopping crime than contemplating it.

The no-nonsense approach to dealing with criminals like this is not to wait for the police.  Once they have decided to break the law and threaten your family in the way these hoodlums did, they need to be put down, permanently.

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