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Another Expected Shooting – Another Expected Attack on the Second Amendment

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Another mass shooting in the United States creates yet another opportunity for our spineless president to push his left wing agenda. Riding on the backs of people needlessly murdered because of an irrational fear of allowing people to defend themselves, President Obama wastes no time and promises action on gun control. Like all shootings preceding this one, today’s happened to occur in another “gun free zone,” where targets of opportunity run abound. According to Professor Eric Dietz of Purdue University, only two mass shootings since the 1950’s occurred in places where guns could be legally carried, the rest occurred where guns are banned. In recent years, every mass shooting we have witnessed tells the same story. An armed man completely ignores the “gun free zone” and is free to murder at will until a good guy with a gun comes and stops him. Liberals would have you believe the good guy with a gun reality is a myth; however, if that’s the case, then why do they rely on the police? What would have been so wrong if a person inside the school was carrying a legally concealed handgun? They could have saved lives. Even Obama’s FBI admits that an increase in gun ownership results in a decrease in crime. Why is the left so intent on preventing people from being able to defend themselves and their loved ones? Perhaps their undying support for Planned Parenthood holds the answer, but that’s for another article.

The New York Post is reporting that the shooter forced people to confess their religion before being murdered. Witnesses are claiming that he was exclusively killing Christians, and according to those who survived the event, the shooter was lining his victims up and shooting them in the head, execution style, after they claimed Christianity as their religion. This is exactly what we have been expecting in this country as this traitorous administration has usurped our constitutional system of government and handed the reigns over to those who hate us. President Obama and the Democrat Party have been deliberately demoralizing our nation by stirring up racial hatred, labeling patriots, Christians, and veterans as potential threats to national security, and blaming us for every problem in the world. He has deliberately released criminals back on the streets and armed Mexican Drug Cartels to discredit the second amendment. He allowed our service men and an Ambassador to be killed in Benghazi and, according to Vladimir Putin, he has deliberately armed ISIS in an effort to topple the Assad Regime. A move that may not only lead to world war three incidentally, but is part of the original plan described in the Project New American Century, first put into play by the Bush Administration. Despite scandal after scandal, he has the nerve to stand in front of God and Country and demand gun control. Some people have a lot of nerve.

President Obama has the audacity to ask why this shooting occurred while claiming that we are becoming numb to this kind of violence. This is coming from a man who pretends to care for the downtrodden but threatened a government shutdown because the people are demanding Planned Parenthood be defunded. A society that has no value for the most innocent of life certainly values no life at all. We all know why this shooting occurred. America, a nation that once stood proud and for what was right has been completely demoralized and discredited through a radical left wing agenda that has destroyed our morality and spiritual wellbeing. Obama has truly fundamentally transformed our nation through propaganda and community organizing tactics. While threats of world war three emerge on the world stage President Obama is concerned about where transgendered people are going to urinate. He has single handedly turned this nation into a bunch of helpless victims whose destiny surely rests in government dependence, while blaming the Christian white male for everyone’s victimhood. He continually lectures us on issues of race while lying about the history of the very party he represents and encouraging his foot soldiers to burn down cities. In essence, he is working to dehumanize us for a complete dictatorial takeover that will leave us all at the mercy of big government.

There was a day in America when students were often part of high school shooting teams. Children brought their guns to school on a regular basis and no one was shot. There is one major difference between then and now. People were proud to be Americans and there was no shame in believing in God. People understood the value of hard work and they knew that nothing in the world was free. These days, many people are looking for the easy road out, operating on the leftist belief that they are somehow entitled to the fruits of another’s labor. Somehow, it is the people arguing for the right to keep what they have earned that have become greedy, while those demanding someone else’s money are lauded as heroes. People were not suspicious of their neighbors, while, today, the government encourages Americans to spy on one another in an effort to root out dissenters. People are being prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs every time their feelings are hurt and it has been proven that these drugs cause massive damage to an individual’s wellbeing. Essentially, we are living in a different America where people are being indoctrinated into a world of hatred for their very country and it is all based on lies. It is a deliberate agenda aimed at destroying the moral fabric of our society in order to create the right conditions necessary for people to willingly surrender their liberties. Personally, I fear the day a government that shows no regard for the life of innocent babies gets ahold of our guns.

To learn more about the psychopolitical agenda and communist indoctrination check out my book Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.

*Article by David Risselada

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