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Anti-Gun Liars Gonna Lie: Moms Demand Action Founder Promotes Debunked Claim that 90% of Americans Support Background Checks

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Michael Bloomberg’s useful idiot and founder of Moms Demand Action Shannon Watts kicked off 2015 with more anti-gun propaganda, claiming that if polls only asked questions right that polling would show 90 percent of Americans favor background checks in order to purchase a gun.

Ms. Watts said the fact that America now has a whistleblower silencing, Fast and Furious cover up head of the unlawful federal agency known as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and an anti-gun Surgeon General makes her and the “moms on the ground feel like we’re winning.” She failed to mention the anti-gun Attorney General and President in making her case.

But winning what? Is this really a war against criminals or an emotional war against arms? I believe it is the latter.

The MDA founder commented on the Pew Research Poll conducted back in December and claimed, “when you look at polls that ask questions in the correct way, you have 90 percent or more of Americans supporting background checks — and obviously that includes people of all backgrounds and all colors…”

The problem with Ms. Watts’ claim is it lacks any reality or facts and has been largely debunked, along with all of her other claims regarding violent crime and guns.

First, as I’ve written about the Pew poll here, for the first time in more than two decades, Americans are favoring the rights of gun owners versus more government gun control, which always leads to gun confiscation.

Let’s be clear here, background checks do not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. They do not prevent criminals from obtaining guns. They are merely unlawful restrictions on law abiding citizens from being able to perform a duty they are bound to keep, mainly provide defense for self and others.

Yet, Watts claims to be “in the trenches every single day.” And what is she doing in those trenches every single day?

“I’m part of a grassroots organization that is fighting every single day; and we are winning,” she told Salon.com. “If you look at what we’ve done in the states alone — in 2013, we helped close the background check loophole in several states (Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York) … and then we built on that this year. We got six different states, red and blue, to pass laws that would keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. And those were signed by [governors] from both parties … And then we went to Washington State where our moms were a huge part of the success of getting I-594 passed with 60 percent of the vote … And this is something we can take to two-dozen other states … to get [similar] initiatives passed there … We passed a critical gun-violence restraining bill in California, which is a prototype that we can take to other states …”

This is what you really need to understand about Ms. Watts. What is she and her organization “winning” at? Let me give you just one example. In the I-594 pretended legislation, it caused a museum to remove World War II Exhibit firearms and return them to their owners to be in compliance with the law or be deemed criminals.

Additionally, I-594 forces gun registration, you know like in the Weimar Republic prior to the rise of Nazi Germany?

It also brought out a more visible support than Watts ever thought about having against the pretended legislation. Thousands of people gathered at the capitol in Washington to openly defy I-594, as they exchanged and sold guns without following any of the tenants of the Bloomberg and Bill Gates supported legislation. To show how little teeth I-594 has, no arrests were made during the largest felony civil disobedience rally in history.

However, what can we honestly say about Watts’ organization? Well, they do feel the need to attack comedians and singers over who they perform for. They attack businesses for respecting the rights of citizens to carry their guns for protection. They use public indecency to try and openly disturb the peace to advance their agenda.

Do 90 percent of Americans want what Watts’ and company are selling, namely more background checks? No. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Americans were reported to believe that more restrictive gun laws “would not be effective in preventing criminals from obtaining guns.”

Shannon Watts is a Bloomberg shill, nothing more and nothing less. She cannot be trusted to tell the truth.


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