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Anti-Gun Narrative Continues to Develop Against Laser Sights

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On Friday, February 15,  just hours after the president declared a national emergency, there was a mass shooting in Aurora Illinois.  The timing of this shooting, as is the case with most of them, is extremely suspicious. Not only have the Democrats been exposed in their fake Russia collusion story for trying to orchestrate a coup, but there are also several gun control bills in the House and Senate. These bills include high capacity magazine bans, universal background checks and of course, national red flag laws.

H.R 5717, for example, gives the Attorney General the power to give states taxpayer-funded grant money to implement their own red flag laws. President Trump’s pick for attorney general has just been confirmed by the Senate and he is a proponent of these unconstitutional confiscation schemes. Will this shooting, under the pretext of a declared national emergency, be an excuse to push these bills through? We will see.

Gun control has proven over and over to be a failure. If it worked there wouldn’t have been a shooting. Not only does Illinois have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, the individual in question was convicted of felony assault in 1995 for stabbing a woman. This means he was already a prohibited person and likely obtained the gun used illegally. A study conducted by the Department of Justice has determined that fewer than 1 in 50 prison inmates convicted of gun crimes purchased their guns through a licensed dealer, meaning that universal background checks would do nothing to stop gun crime. This, of course, will be ignored by lawmakers because their agenda doesn’t revolve around safety, but disarming the citizenry.

After every shooting, there is a developing narrative designed to reinforce the notion that more gun laws are needed. For instance, we often hear that the shooter was a normal everyday guy who no one suspected was capable of going off and committing such a crime. This creates the impression in gullible minds that their gun owning neighbor is also such a person. This narrative reinforces the idea that there is a need to confiscate someone’s guns if there is any behavior that seems to be questionable.

Another example is the one from the Church shooting in Texas. The shooter, in that case, was able to purchase his gun legally because the U.S. Air Force failed to report his name to the criminal database after being convicted of domestic violence. Like most other systematic failures, this is completely the government’s fault; however, it reinforces in the public’s mind the idea that our gun laws need to be revamped and more background checks are needed. This is all propaganda aimed at getting the general population to demand change.

The shooting in Illinois is no exception. There is a new narrative developing though and it is dangerous in the sense that it goes along with an executive action taken earlier in the year by President Trump, one that has divided the gun community, to be honest. President Trump’s bump stock ban is not fully understood for the danger it really presents to the Second Amendment. It is unconstitutional in the sense that the attorney general essentially re-defined the existing definition of the word machine gun in the 1968 gun control act to include devices like bump stocks, or anything which increases the rate of fire on a semi-automatic rifle. Machine guns are already illegal and are defined as one pull of the trigger for a continuous rate of fire. Bump stocks do not even achieve this as they only use the energy of the rifle’s recoil to allow the trigger to be continuously pulled. The trigger, when using a bump stock, is still being pulled every time a round is discharged.

Based on this article from CNN, it is safe to assume that laser sights will be next on the list of things to ban. Laser sights allow a shooter to acquire their targets more quickly enabling for more rapid fire. So, there you go. The CNN story describes the shooter as running down the hallway just shooting everybody with a pistol that had a green laser sight. This story is designed purposefully to create fear and possibly add laser sights to a growing list of things Democrats want to ban.

The CNN article also described people in the factory running for their lives when they heard the shooting start. People panicking, not knowing what to do. In this writer’s humble opinion, this is part of the problem. This nation was founded on the idea of being a warrior culture. A population trained in the use of arms standing ready in defense of their families, communities and nation. It was understood that firearms in the hands of good men were a necessity in the fight against evil.

A relentless propaganda campaign waged by the left has changed all of that. The general public has been brainwashed to fear guns and the people that own them. Society is being conditioned to view the good men that will defend them as suspicious for owning guns.

If this keeps up and there isn’t a massive re-education effort in defense of the Second Amendment, we will soon be like Britain where people are reported to the police for buying hammers.

This is the inevitable result of encouraging an atmosphere of fear and mistrust and banning guns. People still murder and no one can defend themselves and eventually, something as innocent as buying a hammer becomes suspicious behavior.

Has there been an intentional effort to brainwash people into thinking differently about guns? Eric Holder can answer that.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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