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AR-15 Phobia British Company Doesn’t Understand that Americans Like Their Guns

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Reed Exhibitions is a British company that for years had run the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 2013, they demonstrated what it means to be “stuck on stupid.”

The Brits at Reed Exhibitions proved that Piers Morgan isn’t the only Brit that doesn’t understand Americans and their attachment to their “freedom teeth.” And like Morgan, Reed Exhibitions decided they were going to teach their American cousins a lesson about firearms. Indeed.

One would think that after 1782 when they were forced to sue for peace with the new United States of America, the Brits would get it. Apparently, English government schools are even worse than ours. The lesson was not taught.

Reed Exhibitions decided that the 2013 Outdoor show would not permit the presence of AR-15s in their Harrisburg show. Such a firearm, reasoned Reed, would distract from the “theme of hunting and fishing, disrupting the broader experience of our guests.”

Cabela’s pulled out of the Harrisburg show followed by many other companies and groups. The hemorrhage of companies led to the cancellation of the 2013 show. It got worse for Reed.

Reed had long worked with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to put on the annual SHOT Show, a huge, annual trade show for firearms and related companies. The NSSF fired Reed and hired another company.

Gun shows across the country began to announce that they would NOT ban AR-15s from their shows.

When the 2014 American Outdoor Show was held in 2014, the 650,000 attendees were able to see exhibits of AR-15s and the like. Reed was forced to learn the same lesson that George III had been forced to learn – keep your hands off Americans’ guns.

AR-15 phobia is not just a British thing. American politicians such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have also had to learn the same lesson. Bloomberg was taught his lesson by Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke ran successfully for reelection in the 2014 Democrat primary and had to navigate a million dollar headwind emanating from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Clarke sent billionaire Bloomberg packing with nothing to show for his effort to defeat the Sheriff.

Maybe Bloomberg would be happier if he moved to England.

Article by Larry Pratt, courtesy of Freedom Outpost

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