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Assault Course Drill

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Inspired by the habits of certain “deskbound” law enforcement personnel, this drill is perfect for those who utilize off-body carry methods.

Federal law enforcement agencies often share resources, and such was the case with both the DEA and FBI using our Border Patrol range in San Diego, CA, for qualifications. Watching these non-uniformed agents getting ready to shoot was amusing, if not downright hysterically funny.

Driving up in their “plain wrapper” government rides, these worthies would step out in their tassel loafers or heels, open the trunk and begin getting dressed in their tactical gear while searching through bags and briefcases looking for their never-carried, full-size service firearms, a process usually taking 30 minutes or more. Like I said, the various spectacles were quite amusing.

Inspired by this example, we devised a drill called the DEA Assault Course. To run this drill, you will need a briefcase, fanny pack or backpack you might use for off-body concealed carry, a silhouette target and a table.

The drill is simple: Set up your target and place the table at the 10-yard line. Put the for-sure, double-checked, unloaded pistol and a loaded magazine in the briefcase. On the start signal, grab the briefcase and run to the table. Put the briefcase on the table, open it, load the pistol and fire five upper-chest shots to the target, finishing with one more shot to the head.

Variations can include timing the drill, adding complications like requiring the shooter to wear a gas mask and filling the briefcase with papers, office supplies and assorted junk. If you really want to fluster the shooter, lock the briefcase, only telling them the combination moments before the start signal. Great fun.

Here’s the Drill:
25 yards

• Place an unloaded pistol and a magazine loaded with six rounds in the case or bag.

• On the start signal, run to the 10-yard line and place the case on the table.

• Open the case, load the pistol and fire five rounds to the upper chest and one to the head.

Total: six rounds.

Gunfights are complex events taking place in a chaotic environment. This drill provides plenty of distractions to add stress and complexity, which will force the shooter to concentrate. If you’ve been considering off-body carry, give this drill a try to see if that method makes your presentation more of
a challenge.

Article by ED HEAD

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