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Biden Calls For ‘Assault Rifle Ban After’ Freeing Arms Dealer Peddling 30,000 AK-47s

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The only guns Biden wants to ban belong to law-abiding Americans.

While leaving multiple white male Americans behind in Russian prisons, Biden undermined national security, freeing the ‘Merchant of Death’, an arms dealer with reported ties to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, who had been busted trying to sell surface-to-air missiles to Marxist narcoterrorists to kill Americans.

Defense officials are anonymously objecting to the treasonous move that rewards Putin while endangering American lives.

“I think there is a concern that [he] would return to doing the same kind of work that he’s done in the past,” said one senior Defense Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic.

It took a lot of work to put him away that Biden squandered to pander to his racist base.

Former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials who were involved in the effort to bring “Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout to justice have characterized his trade to Russia for WNBA star Brittney Griner’s freedom as a “disgrace” and a “grave threat” to U.S national security.

“Americans should be very careful traveling around the world. This decision has put Americans at a huge risk,” Maltz tweeted Thursday, calling Bout’s arrest a “total disgrace.” He had supervised the agents who secured Bout’s arrest in Thailand in 2008. Before his release, Bout was serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison for his 2011 conviction on charges of conspiracy to kill Americans relating to the support of a Colombian terrorist organization.

But Biden is talking again about depriving Americans of their right to bear arms even after freeing the world’s most prolific arms trafficker.

A day before finalizing his dirty deal with Putin, Biden attended the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence claiming that “our work continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge, the type of weapon that can be purchased and sold, attempt to ban assault weapons, a whole range of things – It’s just common sense.”

What’s actually common sense is not setting loose the world’s most prolific arms trafficker. Including one who tried to sell 30,000 AK-47s to kill Americans.

Between November 2007 and March 2008, Bout agreed to sell to the FARC millions of dollars’ worth of weapons – including 800 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), 30,000 AK-47 firearms, 10 million rounds of ammunition, five tons of C-4 plastic explosives, “ultralight” airplanes outfitted with grenade launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles. Bout agreed to sell the weapons to two confidential sources working with the DEA (the “CSs”), who represented that they were acquiring them for the FARC, with the specific understanding that the weapons were to be used to attack U.S. helicopters in Colombia.

During a covertly recorded meeting in Thailand on March 6, 2008, Bout stated to the CSs that he could arrange to airdrop the arms to the FARC in Colombia, and offered to sell two cargo planes to the FARC that could be used for arms deliveries. He also provided a map of South America and asked the CSs to show him American radar locations in Colombia. Bout said that he understood that the CSs wanted the arms to use against American personnel in Colombia, and advised that, “we have the same enemy,” referring to the United States. He also stated that the FARC’s fight against the United States was also his fight and that he had been “fighting the United States…for 10 to 15 years.” During the meeting, he also offered to provide people to train the FARC in the use of the arms.

Beyond Americans, there’s a lot of blood on Bout and now Biden’s dirty hands.

David M. Crane, the founding chief prosecutor of the U.N. Special Court for Sierra Leone, saw the results of Bout’s arms dealing in West Africa up close.

“He was truly a monster in his own right,” Crane told VOA. “This is someone who spread his arms and ammunition around the world, in very dark corners of the world, causing pain and suffering wherever he went.”

Crane, who went on to found the non-profit Global Accountability Network, which seeks justice for the victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity, said that the destruction wrought in Sierra Leone by the forces Bout armed was extensive.

“He was the main supplier of arms and ammunition…to that terrible conflict in West Africa, which saw the murder, rape, maiming and mutilation of over 1.2 million human beings,” Chase said.

The Left, which claims to care about such things, doesn’t give a damn.

What’s the murder, rape, maiming and mutilation of over 1.2 million human beings when you can get Brittney Griner to jeer the National Anthem some more?

And after freeing Bout for his own political gain, Biden will call for banning Americans from owning guns.

But the only weapons Biden actually wants to ban are those belonging to the law-abiding middle-class Americans that he and his socialist movement seek to eliminate in one way or another.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield


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