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Bloomberg Spends Millions to Publicize His Bought-and-Paid-For Background Check Law

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Recently, Amy Schumer – Millennial comedy sensation and cousin to gun control standard-bearer Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) – insisted that money is at the center of America’s gun control problem. We agree with that premise, but the money is flooding in from gun ban advocates, and the problem is that they think they’re better than you are and that your rights are up for sale.

Nobody illustrates this better than billionaire Michael Bloomberg, whose ego and checkbook are propping up a disarmament movement that disproportionately attracts the showy philanthropy of fat cats, rather than enduring grassroots support. With another of his signature antigun initiatives sucking wind right out of the blocks, it’s time again for the sugar daddy of gun control to reach deep into his well-stuffed pockets.

Oregon’s “universal” background check law became effective Aug. 9, and already expectations are tempered.  The state’s Public Broadcasting network ran a story featuring a skeptical county sheriff who summarized the measure’s likely effects as follows: “[T]he bad people are going to get the guns regardless. So I truly think it’s a waste of time.” Meanwhile, the Register-Guard editorialized, “Oregon gun-sale background checks law gets off to a rough start.” The article goes on to report, “Several sheriffs in mostly rural counties … have said they simply won’t enforce the law at all.”  Yet advocates of civilian disarmament know that they cannot succeed unless the state knows which Americans actually own firearms. That process starts with creating a record of every firearm transfer.  

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