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Bloomberg’s Gun Confiscation Group Salivates of Kim Kardashian’s Ignorant Gun Control Tweet

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Well, take it away, Kim:

The Tweet was sent out to her 34.4 million Twitter followers.

As pointed out by many, her statement is all kinds of wrong:

Because it’s not like Kim Kardashian says, not at all. But then again, who needs the truth when someone famous (and for what again, by the way? A fake plastic ass?) starts running their mouths off about stuff which they are decidedly not an expert in?

Too late though. Once the misinformed cat was out of the bag, gun control groups like Bloomberg’s data-bending Everytown for Gun Safety took it and ran with it on Facebook:


Everytown was outed recently as totally misrepresenting how many school shootings have taken place since Sandy Hook; data that Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) recently parroted on the Senate floor in June. The group claimed 74. Turns out a bunch of those are nothing like Sandy Hook, making it a completely b.s. statistic. For example, at least 25 were suicides or attempted suicides, for one thing. Even propaganda mill CNN had to admit that only 15 of the 74 were anything like Sandy Hook. So pretty much any time a gun goes off anywhere on a school campus at all, Everytown counts it as a school shooting. Sounds like more of a semantic argument. That didn’t stop a Senator from repeating it to Congress…

Regardless, when one propaganda mill filled with liars and a multi-million-dollar gun control agenda starts patting another completely ill-informed famous-for-no-reason person on the back for spreading false information about guns to millions of people who might see it and believe it, we’re definitely wading around in an Idiocracy society.

There are others too, all over Kardashian’s Twitter threads, backing up her ridiculously false, misleading statement about gun purchases online, further fueling the idea that guns are just raining from the sky into the hands of psychopaths hell-bent on killing large groups of people simply because we live in dangerous, 2nd Amendment-Filled America.

Then again, it’s kinda like this:


Or was it this?


Either way, it’s definitely this:


*Article by Melissa Dykes

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