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Border Wall Contractors Want to Carry Guns on Site

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Contractors are concerned for their safety and the safety of their workers in light of planned and threatened protests and violence by anti-Trumpers.  Now, they are seeking to carry their firearms with them on the work site.

Before we go further, the Second Amendment applies to contractors too, you know.  They should not be “asking” permission to keep and bear arms.  It is their right, their duty even, to do so.

However, they are asking to do so.

The Daily Caller reports:

The head of a general contractor in Fort Worth, Texas, says he has received several death threats since he publicly showed interest in bidding to work on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

As bids for the wall roll in by the March 4 deadline, interested companies are preparing for a violent backlash if they end up with the high-profile job. Some firms have asked the government if border patrol agents would come to their aid if they came under “hostile attack” or if employees can carry firearms in states with tight gun control restrictions, the AP reported.

The Trump administration has made the border wall the linchpin of its border security and illegal immigration policies, but the project has garnered a diverse group of opponents. Immigrant advocacy groups, environmental activists, and many private landowners along the Rio Grande are opposed to the wall and are expected to protest at construction sites.

“There will be a lot of different activity — protests, prayer vigils — on both sides of the wall,” he told the AP. “We pray and hope that they’re peaceful.”

While there will most definitely be peaceful as well as violent protests at the border, there will also most likely be threats from across the border from Mexican drug cartels.

Back in January, Mac Slavo reported on the fact that Mexico’s cooperation with the US concerning illegal immigrants and drugs could end, and Mexican drug cartels could be unleashed on the US in a greater capacity.  This came from Jorge Castañeda Gutman, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico.

“…the cartels could be essentially unleashed upon the U.S. – retribution for tough policies on Mexico and other immigrant-producing countries in the Latin American world,” Slavo wrote.  “These astonishing words could open up an economic gang war against the U.S. –  very irresponsible words that reveal just how connected Mexico’s leadership is with the violent drug cartels who operate from their territories:

Mexico has a lot of negotiating chips in this matter, Fareed, but it also has measures we could take in other areas. For example, the drugs that come through Mexico from South America, or the drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the United States. This is not our problem. We have been cooperating with the United States for many years on these issues because they’ve asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship. If that relationship disappears, the reasons for cooperation also disappear.

These drug cartels are the same people the treasonous Obama administration armed with thousands of weapons and resulted in hundreds of people being murdered, including two federal agents.

Whether the government says it’s ok or not, contractors should arm themselves well as they construct the wall.  It is a right they have that is supposed to be protected by the Second Amendment, a part of the same Constitution those they are asking took an oath to uphold and defend.

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