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BREAKING: Assault Weapons Ban Vote Wednesday!

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Nancy Pelosi is moving gun control quickly through the House . . . we need all hands on deck!

At 1:00 PM EST on Wednesday, the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” will be brought before the House Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee, which is controlled by Democrats, will then consider advancing the bill to the House floor for a vote.

As of a few hours ago, our sources on the Hill tell us Pelosi was having difficulty wrangling enough Democrats and TRAITOR RINOs to support the bill, but was making H.R. 1808 a top priority.

If all of us band together, we can beat this thing and drive a stake directly into Nancy Pelosi’s gun control agenda for this Congress.

That’s why we’re asking everyone to dig deep and help us hold the line on Capitol Hill by making as generous a financial contribution as you can below.

We’ve fought Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and the gun-grabbers with everything we have for the last two years . . . let’s DEFEAT this bill.

Article by americanfirearmsassociation

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