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Article first appeared at U.S.A. – -( “Sylvester Stallone gets back to his roots with explosive new trailer for ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘,” Agence France-Presse reports on the fifth installment in the series, scheduled for a September release. “Still in top shape at 73, Stallone’s muscles are put to good use to save

Which side really holds the moral high ground? A political Conservative or the political and socialist Liberal, a.K.A., Radical leftist and progressive? I. The Ethical System Of The Radical Left And Progressives Consistent with the ethical system of Utilitarian Consequentialism, the value the Radical Left and Progressives place on the

Ft Collins, CO –-( Students and trainers around the world will now and then report a rare slam-fire-engendered unintentional discharges (UD) when chambering a round on pistols, even pistols from reputable manufacturers, manufacturers that I recommend! Some of this is “urban legend,” of course, but not all. Fire-control parts can

Article first appeared at  USA – -( In reading Andy Massimilian’s letter, dated August 26, 2019, concerning Universal Background Checks and the Federal Registry they would create, I am surprised that no one is concerned about the current “firearms registry” that already exists (in a form). When a gun sale is handled

Anti-gun folks typically characterize their gun-control restrictions as “common sense” and “responsible” regardless of how poorly grounded in reality these “solutions” tend to be, or how little their proponents understand what these measures will do—like the gun-control supporters at one event who, when asked, were unable to explain what an AR-15 is.

Article first appeared at USA – -( We hear it all the time. “Universal Background Checks” for all gun transfers are a “reasonable” and “effective” way to stop criminals and the deranged from getting guns. Don’t believe a word of it. Criminals overwhelmingly get their guns on the black market now and

Gun-free zones disarm the good guys but fail to disarm violent murderers. We saw this again in the mass murders last month, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. We see example after example as we look at the history of violent attacks. Gun-control politicians don’t care about this history of

Article first appeared at USA – -( The last month of my life has been an eye-popping education of real life. I can’t even begin to describe how discouraging it is to see the things I’ve seen and to know what I now know firsthand. Seeing the Democrat machine in

“How many times I have broadcasted on air that you either deal lawfully with corrupt anti-gunner politicians for violating our Bill of Rights (Article 2, Section 4, US Constitution), or you will be disarmed. There is no in-between. If Americans do not want to learn from history, then Americans will

Article first appeared at USA – -( The anti-gun crowd loves to distort the position of gun-owners. It’s most often the only way they can win the argument. Often times, the gun-conversation turns into a war of words and statistics. But when the anti-gunners put their Bloomberg funded “statistics,” that