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Reporting on years-old data while also combining all firearms-related deaths regardless of intent – homicide, suicide, accidents, or unknown intent – with a present-tense headline is more than misleading.

Keep this in mind that next time criminal politicians try to sell the snake oil of First Amendment restrictions in order to infringe on the rights they are supposed to protect under the Second Amendment.

Attorney Stephen Stamboulieh asks: Who is authorized to sign off on the ban so that it can be published? Can the “Acting” Attorney General enact new regulations?

Lots of us are disappointed after the recent midterm elections. Some of us turned off the news for a few weeks as we recovered. I’ve noticed a series of unexpected pleasant surprises during that time. The seeds of serendipity were planted long before the midterm campaigns began.

I want you to think of these men and women the next time you hear someone say the US is a selfish country.

It’s just a matter of time before the powers that be step once too many on our rights.

Depending on the range, you should learn to use the front sight in the rear sight to regulate sight alignment for different ranges. Using 1/3 to ½ of the sight raised above the rear notch, will keep you on target to 100 yards, but you must do your homework and range work and get it right to connect at longer ranges.

Article appeared first at USA – -( November saw two highly publicized tragedies where police officers responding to the scenes of shootings, shot and killed the wrong man. In both cases, the victims were legally armed. In both cases, the victims were black, as were the perpetrators of the original

Amid cries of “Black Lives Matter,” we see cognitive dissonance from those “leaders” who respond by demanding citizen disarmament. Their contradictory “solution” is to make sure the enforcers they accuse of killing them are the “Only Ones” with guns.