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Austria has a seen a rise in migrants coming into the country over the past couple of years, especially Muslim migrants. As a result, they have witnessed a rise in crime in their country. Now, Austria is seeing gun sales quadruple in light of the crimes committed by migrants. In

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Fairfax, VA – -( This week, UK authorities effectively admitted that the “gold standard” of gun control is not enough to protect the country from extremists that are intent on using illegally obtained firearms to commit terrorist violence. Warning that terrorists could bypass the country’s strict

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Ft Collins, CO –-( War of the Worlds: This is from a friend in national intelligence. It is nothing new to anyone involved in military intelligence, but the rest of us may need reminding: “So-called ‘news’ is manufactured. It is routinely used as a

Article first appeared at America’s first Freedom. Lawful, peaceable citizens in Europe are getting it from both directions today. On one side, suicidal, murderous Islamic terrorists are attacking with increasing ferocity and lethality—from Belgium to Denmark to France to who-knows-where tomorrow. On the other side, European Union officials are seeking

Article first appeared at NRAILA. Since we last updated readers to the European Union’s efforts to enact further gun controls, the transnational government has continued the process of enacting stringent new restrictions across the political bloc. However, recent developments indicate that the final legislation could be dramatically different than the

Article first appeared at Ammoland. USA –   -( While homicidal, suicidal and genocidal jihadists are busy plotting the next soft-target terror attacks on the West, docile Westerners are busy shedding cartoon tears and doodling broken hearts on social media. European artists rushed to fill Twitter and Instagram with images of

What they’re talking about, when they’re talking about Australia, are bans and confiscation. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The people of Europe continue to cower in fear as their governments’ refuse to act in their defense, and the signs of stress are beginning to show. The latest polls show that an overwhelming majority of Germans believe that the government has already allowed in far too many refugees, and

Germans are adjusting to the new normal, and they aren’t taking it lying down. As SHTF reported, the first reaction of many Europeans to the violent wave of Syrian refugees flooding their countries was to take arms for self-protection, and as a result gun sales soared, and where those weren’t

Ten minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, does it? And yet it can be an eternity in a crisis. Survivors of the terror attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris have described a scene of almost unthinkable horror: ISIS terrorists firing off bursts from their fully automatic firearms