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Circuit Court Blocks Chicago Suburb’s Gun Confiscation Scheme Hours Before It Goes Into Effect

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In a surprise, but lawful move, Lake County Circuit Court blocked an unconstitutional ban on alleged “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines with a temporary injunction in the small town of Deerfield, Illinois just hours before the ban was to go into effect.

The 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois rendered the decision on Tuesday after gun owner rights activists sued the city after a ban that was unanimously passed by all six of the town’s board members on April 2.

Vice News reports:

Gun groups, including the National Rifle Association of Illinois, requested a temporary restraining order against the ban while the lawsuit proceeded.

Had the ban gone into effect, anyone found in possession of an assault weapon after Wednesday, July 13, would have faced a fine of up to $1,000 per day.

“I’m pretty excited,” said John Boch, executive director of Illinois-based gun advocacy and lobbying group Gun Save Life. “I was bracing myself for being disappointed, but it seems the judge looked at our arguments and realized we did indeed have a fair chance at success.”

Other towns are pushing for this kind of unconstitutional ban on weapons that are being called “assault weapons” but are nothing more than AR or AK platform semi-automatic rifles, even though the Second Amendment is clear that the right to keep and bear arms (of any kind, even those the government may not approve of) shall not be infringed.

For instance, Matt Vespa points out:

proposed ballot initiative in Oregon would force AR-15 owners to register their rifles with the state, destroy them, or surrender them to the authorities. They would also have the option to transfer them out of the state.  Boulder, Colorado also passed a law banning high capacity magazines and so-called assault weapons within the city limits.

These Communists think they are gaining an advantage by playing on the people’s emotions concerning school shootings in order to advance their gun confiscating agenda.  However, only the weak minded actually buy the lies they are selling about banning guns stopping crimes.  Not only will such unlawful legislation not stop crimes, they will actually put law-abiding citizens, including students in public schools, at greater risk.

As I have pointed out constantly, well over 90% of the mass shootings that take place in America occur in what these anti-Americans have deemed “gun free zones.”  On top of that, they call for stricter background checks for citizens to exercise their right to purchase, in order to keep and bear, arms, but they fail to deal with those who are wrongfully denied during the current process!

Then, we have states like California, who are clearly led by hardline Socialists and Communists who have imposed some of the strictest gun confiscation laws in America.  A recent report demonstrated how the state demanded people register their guns, but when a farmer did, he was not only arrested and charged with a plethora of felonies but had his guns confiscated too!

Good move by the judge in Deerfield, Illinois!  The only thing that would have been better is for the court to rule that the ban was just plain unconstitutional and an infringement upon the people’s rights in that town.

Looks to me like the people need to start eliminating those they elected to serve them and putting in people that will actually obey the law, not come up with pretended legislation that makes them vulnerable.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost


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