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Colorado Congressional Candidate Levi Tillemann Sprays Himself With Pepper Spray To Show His School Safety “Innovation”

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A Democratic congressional candidate For Colorado decided to make his gun confiscation support with one of the stupidest ads you will ever see.  He used pepper spray on himself.

Levi Tillemann, who worked for Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, is running for Colorado’s 6th US congressional district.

Not only does he show an immigrant mother with her child questioning the wisdom of allowing teachers to carry their guns, which is supposed to be protected by the Second Amendment, but then he had Kevin Cox of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education declare that more students have been killed in school shootings than US troops in combat operations.  Really?  That must have been a news flash no one got.  Of course, Cox didn’t cite his source, which is par for the course for gun confiscators.

Cox then went on to tout the old saw of needing “common sense” gun control, something that will not prevent one school shooting or any other crime involving a gun since he clearly affirmed there are over 300 million guns in America now!

Finally, Tillemann appears in the spot.

He says he wants doers and innovators so that is why he is running for Congress.  He says he is tired of Democrats and Republicans talking past each other on the issue of gun control and wants to empower teachers with non-lethal weapons they can use against criminals with lethal weapons.  To quote Bill Engvall, here’s your sign!

That’s not innovative, it’s downright stupid!

He then promotes the pepper spray industry.  Seriously, don’t try this at home.  Don’t try it at all!


Now, he’s right in that pepper spray is inexpensive, but then he goes a step further, claiming it can be stored in a breakable glass cabinet to be used in the instance a school shooter enters the school.

Seriously, you just can’t make up this level of stupidity.  A shooter will have several feet of advantage to shoot anyone attempting to spray them with pepper spray, much less try to find something at the time to break the glass with to get to it.

“Trust me, this will stop anyone in their tracks,” he says as he sprays himself in the face with it.

He immediately dunks his head in what looks like dish detergent water and declares, “It’s extremely painful.”

Well, duh?  Idiot!

Well, I’m curious, does it stop Communist Democrats like yourself, Mr. Tillemann?  Doesn’t look like it, but you gave us all a good laugh.

In either case, why don’t we do what costs absolutely nothing and stop infringing on the rights of teachers and staff by repealing gun free zones.  Furthermore, why don’t we do something that will actually save us money and eliminate the US Department of Education, which is unconstitutional, and eliminate its unconstitutional demands on schools?  That would save taxpayers billions in money and just might improve American education if the power was returned back into the hands of parents.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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