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Colorado: 2021 Legislative Session Convenes with the Introduction of Numerous Gun Bills

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This week, the Colorado General Assembly convened for its 2021 Legislative Session.  Multiple pro- and anti-gun bills have already been introduced, though no hearings have currently been scheduled. Below are a handful of important measures to be aware of.

Pro-gun bills:

House Bill 1038 allows those with a concealed handgun permit to carry concealed handguns on school grounds.

House Bill 1070 repeals the misguided 2013 law that limited the amount of ammunition a firearm magazine can hold.  By removing this restriction, law-abiding Coloradans are not limited in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

House Bill 1082 allows valid concealed carry permits to be used as an alternative to a background check while purchasing a firearm, and requiring a sheriff to receive the results of a background check before issuing a concealed carry permit.

Anti-gun bills:

House Bill 1106 imposes government mandated standards for storing firearms, requiring them to be made unavailable for self-defense reasons.

Senate Bill 78 victimizes gun owners who suffer loss or theft of their property with a fine if they don’t report a lost or stolen firearm within five days of discovering them missing.

These measures implicitly attack gun owners and have zero effect on preventing crime; and they are only a couple of the introduced measures this year.  NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters need to remain vigilant this year.  ​Please stay-tuned to NRA-ILA Alerts for more information and updates when they are available.

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