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Cosmo Continues Assault On Gun Owners

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Article first appeared at America’s 1st Freedom.

The editors of Cosmopolitan magazine are at it again, pushing an anti-gun attitude along with some stale talking points for its audience of young women.

You may remember the March edition of the magazine featured a whole section dedicated to the proposition that women shouldn’t own a gun, and they certainly shouldn’t date a gun owner (yours truly was highlighted as a “Gunsplainer” in that section). The latest push in the magazine’s partnership with the Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety is a video featuring women talking to their gun-owning boyfriends about gun ownership. As you can imagine, all of the women featured are opposed to their partner owning firearms, and pepper the men with loaded questions (no pun intended) about gun storage, their tempers, their drinking, why they need a gun and so on.

Is it somehow impossible for the editors atCosmo to find a woman who is pro-gun, or maybe a woman who actually owns a firearm or two? I know many, including a few who live in the New York City area, who’d be happy to talk to them. OK, “happy” may be overstating it a bit, but they’d be willing to talk to Cosmo, if only to try and bust the stereotypical view of gun owners that the magazine is so interested in perpetuating.

What does it say about the strength of its argument that Cosmo and the magazine’s Bloomberg-backed buddies are intentionally ignoring the fact that women do own firearms, many for self-defense, and some women do in fact use firearms in defense of their own lives and the lives of others?

Cosmo will never tell its audience about the Indiana mother who, back on March 24, shot an intruder who was found with a gun, a walkie-talkie and zip ties. The mom, at home with her infant child, was able to exchange gunfire with the intruder after he shot at her. Can you imagine Moms Demand Action, a group that claims it’s not anti-gun at all (just in favor of those “common-sense gun safety rules”), actually promoting and highlighting this story on its social media?   Cosmo will never tell its audience about the Indiana mother who, back on March 24, shot an intruder who was found with a gun, a walkie-talkie and zip ties.

Cosmo will never share the story of Sarah Berkey, a police officer in Kent, Ohio, who was at home on the evening of her 30th birthday when her violent and abusive ex-boyfriend broke in and began beating her to death. Berkey was able to escape to her bedroom where she kept a pistol. Her attacker, Adam Jovicic, was right behind her, and the pair struggled over the firearm before Berkey shot him twice, killing him and saving her life. If Cosmo did write anything about this brave woman, they’d likely try to make the point that since her attacker struggled with her over the gun, it could have been used to take her life instead of his. This may be true, but Jovicic didn’t need a gun to take Berkey’s life. He had the intent and means to use his bare fists. Berkey needed something more, and I’m glad she had a firearm.

There are so many other women out there who have used a firearm for self-defense, and millions more who wouldn’t hesitate to do so if someone ever put them in that situation, butCosmo doesn’t care. Their worldview cannot accept the fact that sometimes people really do save their own lives, or the lives of others, because they are gun owners

Wouldn’t it be great if Cosmo ran a short summary of these stories, along with a simple online poll: “Do you think these women would have been better off disarmed?” I bet the writers of that magazine would be stunned and shocked to learn how many of their readers haven’t hopped on the anti-gun bandwagon, and are still clinging to the belief that self-defense is a human right. That’s probably why we’ll never see that poll—the “thought leaders” at Cosmo aren’t really interested in hearing from their audience as much as they’re interested in lecturing to it.

As the year goes on, we’ll see more of this type of campaign. But I think we’ll also see more women at the range, applying for their concealed-carry licenses and even hunting. The USA Shooting team will feature some amazing Olympic athletes in Rio this summer, like 18-year-old NCAA champion Ginny Thrasher, who’ll provide role models for more young women to enter the shooting sports. Sadly, I think Cosmo will ignore them all in favor of more carefully constructed straw man arguments against the right to keep and bear arms.

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