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Gun Owners Descend on Michigan Capitol as Democrats Push to Infringe on Their Rights

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I informed readers last week of the Second Amendment march scheduled for this week. Yesterday, nearly two hundred gun owners showed up at the Michigan Capitol for the annual Second Amendment March, celebrating their legal right to carry guns in the open in Michigan. However, on the same day, Michigan Democrats announced legislation that would seek to ban guns in state government buildings, but allow political signs in those places.

Men, women and families gathered at the Michigan State Capitol on Wednesday wearing their guns on their hips or over their shoulders. Those in attendance gathered to listen to speakers and socialize. The annual event was organized by Michigan Gun Owners, Michigan Open Carry and Second Amendment March.

However, as they gathered two prominent Democrat state representatives, Jeremy Moss of Southfield and Robert Wittenberg of Oak Park, were presenting new legislation that would ban guns from state government buildings, but allow political signs in the same places. The two claim that such legislation will promote rights protected under the First Amendment, while providing a safer environment in government buildings.

“The only way you can get a sign into the Capitol is if it’s painted on the side of a gun, and I don’t think that makes much sense,” Moss said. “I’ve listened to the arguments of gun-right activists and advocates who say if something should happen, the only way to take out a bad person is a good person with a gun. If that’s the case, we have Michigan State Police more or less stationed throughout the Capitol. We have sergeants in arms. We’re adequately protected should there be an emergency situation.”

Seriously, this has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve heard of. Why doesn’t somebody exercise creativity and instead of presenting a sign inside the building, write it on their t-shirt! Goodness! Democrats come up with the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of.

In addition, banning guns does not make the building safer. It makes it more vulnerable, just like every gun free zone out there… and the statistics prove it!

Of course, Wittenberg referred to the bill as “common sense” legislation. That term has been borrowed from communist gun grabbers in Washington. It’s not common sense, it’s “communist.” It is anit-consitutional and it is infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. In fact, I would add that it will criminalize people who normally carry and would forget to leave their weapon in the car!

What’s interesting is that representatives can carry their guns. Isn’t that convenient? As a result, Dan Griffin, a member of the Michigan Open Carry group, says he doesn’t mind signs in the building, but thinks that banning guns would be a huge mistake and has no chance of passing.

“I don’t think it’ll fly,” he said. “Many legislators carry guns themselves, and they’re not going to be hypocritical by stopping citizens from carrying guns when they do.”

Even with the un-American bill being proposed, the Second Amendment March was a success as citizens descended on the capital to make sure their representatives are reminded of who the sovereigns are and to whom they are accountable. While they are most definitely accountable to God first, the citizens are the ones responsible for reminding them of that fact.

See a variety of pictures here and here.

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