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David Hogg Lying Again: “I Don’t Have Shadowy Figures Behind Me”

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Useful Idiot David Hogg is at it again, telling lies that is.  After he called for a boycott of Fox News over Laura Ingraham’s jab at his rejection by colleges, he attempted to downplay claims by many that the boycott was led by “powerful, shadowy radical groups.”

Now, look, there is no doubt that the same people who were funding his little temper tantrum in Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago, are continuing to funnel money and open doors for him in the media.  Among those are Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Planned Parenthood, as well as the usual suspects providing him airtime in the CIA-controlled media like CNN and MSNBC.  His march was also organized and led by the Women’s March and the Giffords Foundation, and the kids that attended were given scripted messages to present to the media.  It was complete astroturf!

Speaking of MSNBC, Hogg was asked about former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly‘s tweet about the boycott “being directed by powerful, shadowy radical groups who want Laura Ingraham off the air on “The Last Word.”

O’Reilly wrote, “The tweet from was ill-advised and Laura has apologized. But know this: the sponsor boycott is not some spontaneous uprising by companies. It is being directed by powerful, shadowy radical groups who want Laura Ingraham off the air.”

Of course, this was in response to over a dozen pansy advertisers dropping their sponsorship of Ingraham’s program.

However, Hogg responded just like a child.  He doesn’t even get the question being asked of him.  Take a look.

“I’m pretty well lit. I don’t see any shadowy figures behind me,” said Hogg. “Honestly, if he sees powerful shadowy groups, as corporate America standing with us. Okay? I guess it doesn’t really make sense.”

“I’m just a kid that uses Twitter if he sees me as powerful that’s ok…” he added.

Well, he’s right.  He is a kid for sure, but a controlled kid who is simply following a script provided for him by his handlers.  Hogg himself does not have any power.  It’s obvious that he thinks it’s perfectly OK to bully others like Ingraham, even after she apologized, and InfoWars host Alex Jones, but when he gets called out or when there is a serious call for debate of his stupidity and the anti-American ideas he is advancing, he turns into a coward, just like many in Broward County.

Hogg downplayed Media Matters involvement in the boycott, as well.

He then, just as always, took the mask off and attacked those who are pulling back the curtain on who he is and who is behind him.  You know, those shadowy figures.

“I want to focus on what’s ahead for our movement,” Hogg said.  “It’s really what we need to be focusing on is the positivity and really bringing everybody together and that’s the first thing that we have coming up are the town halls on April 7th that we are trying to get into every Congressional district.”

Really?  And just who is organizing all this David?  I know you don’t have the time, do you?  Aren’t you still in school?  You haven’t graduated just yet.  So, who is organizing all this?  Who is paying you?  Who is paying for your travels?  Who is providing you the scripted lines because we know you can’t give an interview without that.  We’ve seen you before having to do take after take after take to get your lines right.

Hogg then demonstrated his own hypocrisy when he said it was perfectly “OK” for Ingraham and O’Reilly to go after him on his policies that he is advancing, but when they attack him or other ignorant students advancing the same agenda, it crosses a line.

“What does that accomplish?” he said.  “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Well, perhaps you should apply the same standard, David.  Weren’t you the ones calling representatives who were supported by the National Rifle Association, the “NRA’s bitch”?  Yep, that was you.  That’s a personal attack.

What about your skinhead little communist girl friend, Emma Gonzalez, who during her questioning of  NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch heard shouts that Loesch was a murderer but remained silent?  You did, as well.


Oh wait, you didn’t stop with just Loesch, you called the entire NRA “child murderers.”  What does that accomplish Hogg?  It makes absolute sense to those of us who know a little Communist when we see one.

Furthermore, because your mother and father didn’t wash your mouth out as a child, you continued to rail against NRA members saying, “They’re pathetic f*ckers that want to keep killing our children.  They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see those dollar signs.”

WARNING: Profanity ahead

David, you remained silent as the lemmings who followed your lead and walked out of school only to raid a local WalMart and trash it while engaging in your “protest.”

David tries to present himself as an adult…

But then he turns and does the very thing he decries.

David Hogg is either delusional over his newfound fame, incredibly naive or outright lying about who is behind him.  It’s apparent to anyone watching and looking at the facts.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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