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Favorite Firearms: A Kit Gun For A Favor

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This 6″-barreled, .22 LR-chambered Smith & Wesson kit gun belonged to one of my firearm mentors. Jack DuVall was one of the founding members of my local gun club and was a warm and wonderful man.

When his wife passed away, arthritis in his knees made it difficult for him to get to his basement laundry. I suggested moving them upstairs and I have that skill set, so I did the plumbing and moved them upstairs for him.

Afterward, Jack came in with a checkbook, and I laughed at him; there was no way I was taking money for that project. A few weeks later, we were at the club, and he handed me this pistol because he knew how much I admired it. He said, “Please accept this,” in thanks for moving his laundry. I was shocked and pleased.

I miss Jack most every day, but this pistol helps me keep his memory alive.

—Shawn Cramer



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