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First Look: Alien Gear Rapid Force LVL 2 Slim Holster

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Alien Gear Holsters is now selling their new OWB (Outside the Waistband) Rapid Force Level 2 Slim Holster, which is meant both for on-duty and off-duty use for police officers, security guards, law enforcement agents or any other person who carries pistols in plain clothes and needs a slimmer OWB holster.

The new Level 2 Rapid Force holster is made from Alien Gear’s proprietary polymer material blend. Alien Gear claims that this proprietary polymer blend is lighter, stronger and has more heat resistance than Kydex. Alien Gear set this new holster up with a Level 2 thumb release mechanism that also keeps a draw consistent with their Level 3 OWB duty holsters in the Rapid Force line. This is because these Level 2 holsters are fully compatible with all Alien Gear “quick detach” systems and Rapid Force expansion accessories. Additionally, this holster can also quickly and easily substitute for any Rapid Force Level 3 duty holster when necessary. Naturally, this new duty holster will easily accommodate the majority of pistols affixed with slide mounted electronic red dot sights and suppressor-height iron sights of up to 0.475-inch tall.

“The new Alien Gear Rapid Force LVL 2 Slim Holster is designed with plainclothes officers in mind, whether on duty or off,” Joe Lienemann, Director of LE Sales for Alien Gear Holsters, commented. “It provides the same maximum safety with no compromise on performance as our other Rapid Force Duty Holsters, but allows officers and security professionals to safely carry concealed.”

Rapid Force Level 2 OWB holsters are currently available for popular duty sized handgun models from Glock, Smith & Wesson, or SIG Sauer. All Alien Gear products are fully American made at the company’s northern Idaho facility and include a 30 day field test drive and three year full manufacturer warranty. Retail pricing for Alien Gear Rapid Force holsters begins at $74 and ranges through $115 depending on the choice of a pistol light and mounting systems. For more information on the Rapid Force duty holster line, please visit Alien Gear’s website at aliengearholsters.com.


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