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First Look: Blackhawk TecGrip FormLok IWB Holster

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Blackhawk is now offering a new inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster that is customizable by the owner to fit a wide range of handguns. Called the TecGrip FormLok IWB Holster, the rig has a soft, grippy exterior with a moldable, rigid middle layer. The result is a CCW rig that needs no belt yet securely carries a gun at the waistline.

While the holster is complete as delivered, a certain amount of work is required to make it a fit for a specific pistol shape. The short story is you have to boil it like a bag of instant rice. The TecGrip FormLok holster has a rigid middle layer that gives the holster shape and provides pistol retention. Placing the holster in a bag and then into heated water will make the rigid layer soft enough for you to shape it around your pistol for a precise fit. A tool is included to assist with forming a sight channel during the shaping process.

The exterior of this holster is covered in a material that has a high degree of friction, or grip. This material is designed to create enough friction that the holster does not need any straps or clips to secure it to a belt. Blackhawk designed it such a way as to allow you to slide it under the waistband of your pants and it will simply stay put.

Blackhawk builds the TecGrip FormLok IWB Holster with a layer of closed-cell foam under the grip material to cushion the rig and improve comfort. The interior of the holster has a polyester lining that serves a dual purpose: protecting your gun’s finish and to provide a smooth draw. If you are running a red dot sight, the holster is compatible with an optic.

The Blackhawk TecGrip FormLok IWB Holster is now shipping. It has a suggested retail price of $54.95. For additional information on it, visit blackhawk.com.



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