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First Look: Burris Red Dot Shotgun Mount

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Greeley, CO, based Burris Optics is introducing its new rib-mounted electronic red dot sight base for use with vent rib shotguns of any kind. The Burris Speed Bead Vent Rib mount is compatible with the company’s Fast Fire product family or any other micro reflex sights that share the Fast Fire’s footprint (Docter/Noblex/Venom/Burris pattern).

The Speed Bead Vent Rib mount is designed to be used by anyone who already has a vent rib equipped shotgun and wants to improve precise targeting with their current shotgun. This upgrade is not only useful to turkey and big game hunters, but wingshooters and clay sports participants could also benefit from a target focused dot-based system. Burris includes a shim kit with the Speed Bead making it universal for ribbed shotguns of all makes and models. The new Speed Bead Vent Rib mount joins Burris’ Speed Bead product family. Whereas the other Speed Bead mounts are designed to sit further back on the receiver near the tang of the shotgun (and are mounted in between the stock and receiver), the new vent rib mount allows the dot to sit further forward clear of both the shotgun’s action and receiver.

Burris Optics Speed Bead Vent Rib Mount Features and Specifications:

  • Universal fit, with provided rib adapter kit
  • No drilling, tapping or gunsmithing required
  • Mount designed to always center dot to middle of rib
  • Mount works exactly like a red dot optics place on a pistol, so the optic is secured both front to back and side to side
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Footprint: Docter/Noblex/Burris/Venom
  • Backed by Burris’s unconditional warranty
  • MSRP: $60

For more information on the new Burris Optics Speed Bead Vent Rib shotgun dot mount, its other Speed Bead line products or the rest of its optics catalog, please visit their website at burrisoptics.com.


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