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First Look: Crimson Trace Rapid Illumination Grip

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An angled foregrip is a popular way to ensure a secure and consistent grip on your firearm. The grip gives you a known, repeatable location to place your hands, but it takes up real estate on the stock of your gun which could be used for other purposes, such as a tactical light.

Crimson Trace has released a new innovation in foregrip technology, the Rapid Illumination Grip (RIG) that gives you the advantages of an angled foregrip as well as a bright tactical light. By combining a 500-peak-lumen weapon light with an angled foregrip, Crimson Trace has efficiently streamlined the highest-demand accessories for rifles, carbines, and pistols into one multi-purpose device.

Completely ambidextrous, the RIG is compatible with M-Lok or Picatinny rails and includes an optional, ambidextrous remote switch. The primary switch naturally sits at the resting point of end-user’s index finger for seamless and effortless activation. Constructed from a mixture of polymer and aircraft grade aluminum, the RIG undergoes rigorous simulated and live-fire testing to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Two included quick-detach, rechargeable batteries can be exchanged without removing the unit from the firearm. At one-hour peak-lumen runtime per battery, the RIG stays in the fight in the moments that matter most. The lumen output can be manually adjusted with left- and right-side variable brightness buttons.

The angled foregrip of the RIG can greatly enhance the maneuverability of rail-equipped firearms, especially the incredibly popular AR pistol platform, but it is equally effective on full-size rifles, carbines, and even AK-style firearms.

MSRP for the Rapid Illumination Grip is $204.99, and more information on this product and other items from Crimson Trace is available at crimsontrace.com.



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