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First Look: CVA Cascade SR-80 Rifle

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CVA is launching a new scout rifle, the CVA Cascade SR-80. The Cascade SR-80 comes chambered for either the tried and true .308 Win. cartridge or the more modern straight walled .350 Legend, which is suitable to take deer-size game in those flat landed midwestern states that don’t typically allow hunting with bottlenecked centerfire rifle cartridges. The rifle has an oversize knob and a detachable-box magazine. From the factory, it includes a rear Williams peep sight along with an adjustable front sight affixed near the muzzle and a forward mounted Picatinny pattern scope base for long eye relief mounting. CVA finishes these new Cascade SR-80 rifles with a black graphite Cerakote finish. It also has an earth-colored synthetic stock similar to what certain models of the Bergara B-14 rifle ship with. The stock has two swivel studs up front underneath the fore-end and a single one near the stock’s toe in order to use a traditional rifleman’s sling or a Ching Sling. The Cascade SR-80’s stock also includes a removable spacer that allows end users to tweak the length of pull as needed.

Scout rifles are touted as do-everything bolt action carbines chambered in a traditional centerfire cartridge such as .308 Win. They most notably take a long eye relief scope that sits further forward of the action and generally have shorter, handier barrels to make them easier to carry and maneuver. Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite fame is credited for having come up with the modern concept of the scout rifle. Besides easy handling, the carbine’s must be able to be quickly cycled, which is why the CVA Cascade makes use of a bolt action with a 70-degree bolt-throw lever. In addition to this, this newly released scout rifle includes both an 18-inch barrel along and has a very reasonable 7.3 pound weight. This scout rifle has a starting retail price of $925. To learn more about the Cascade SR-80, please visit CVA’s website at bpioutdoors.com.



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