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First Look: DeSantis Thumb Break & Speed Scabbard Holsters

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Having a comfortable holster that holds your gun securely in place but still allows for a quick and smooth draw when lives are on the line is important. For nearly five decades, DeSantis has been developing, designing, and manufacturing the best gun holsters on the market today. They pride themselves on using American Premium hides and the tough synthetics available in all their holsters and accessories.

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Precision molding and an optimal draw angle make the Thumb Break Scabbard one of the very best pro-grade leather holsters you can buy. This field-tested design positions your firearm to ride high on your belt where it is ideally located for a quick, intuitive draw. The unique tension device on this Outside The Waistband (OWB) holster keeps your gun secure and allows for improved concealment and the belt slots on the holster are 1 3/4 inches long for use with common gun belts. There are also special customizations available such as suede lining and a basket weave finish. The lined and basket weave holsters are made to order, so please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

The Speed Scabbard is an OWB holster that is designed to meet the needs of armed citizens and plainclothes professionals who prefer a holster that doesn’t have a thumb break but still provides excellent firearms retention. The precise molding and tension screw device of the Speed Scabbard make it comfortable to wear all day long, yet still keep you gun securely in place until you need it the most. The belt slots are 1 ¾ inches wide, and just like the Thumb Break Scabbard, the Speed Scabbard is available to fit a wide variety of handguns.

MSRP for the Speed Scabbard and Thumb Break Scabbard are both $78.99. More information on these holsters along with other gear from DeSantis Holsters is available at desantisholster.com.


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