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First Look: Echelon 9mm With 15-Round Magazines

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Springfield Armory is releasing a sub-variant of their new Echelon pistol that ships with 15-round magazines, in order to better serve customers who live in certain states with magazine-capacity restrictions that limit firearms to 15 rounds,

“The Echelon was engineered from the ground up to be today’s most advanced striker-fired pistol,” says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s vice president of Marketing. “And now with this new 15-round version, it’s available to an even broader range of shooters.”

Springfield Armory unveiled the 9mm Echelon, a duty-size, polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol this past summer in July, 2023. The Springfield Armory Echelon is built in collaboration with the Croatian firearms manufacturer, HS Produkt and originally came with either 17- or 20-round magazines. The pistol is optics ready, with a unique slide cut that accepts various optics footprints directly, without the need for an adapter plate. The Echelon also makes use of a pistol chassis scheme, which houses a central cradle that holds the handgun’s trigger group and also bears the gun’s serial number. Because of this, the cradle is legally considered the actual firearm. With this arrangement, the shooters can buy and switch out the gun’s frame and grip module as they please without needing to conduct business with an FFL.

Besides the VIS (Variable Interface System) on the slide that can accommodate over 30 different models of popular pistol mounted reflex optics, these guns include either U-Dot tritium/luminescent sights or three-dot tritium sights. The 9mm barrel of the pistol is cold-hammer forged, measures 4½ inches and is finished with a black, scratch-resistant finish. Two 15-round magazines ship with the gun.

Retail pricing will vary depending on the chosen iron-sight style, and prices start at $679 for the U-Dot version and $719 for the three-dot tritium equipped pistol. To learn more about the new 15-round capacity Springfield Echelon or the wide variety of products from Springfield Armory, please visit springfield-armory.com.



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