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First Look: FALCO Hand Carved Leather Holsters

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If you are looking for a leather pistol rig with old world craftsmanship, you might want to consider the offerings from FALCO Holsters. The company offers exclusive, hand-carved leather holster and gun belt packages that use Italian leather with ornamental, floral and basketweave designs.

“Each FALCO Holsters Exclusive Hand-Carved Holster and Belt is painstakingly fashioned one at a time by our master leather artisan in our headquarters in Slovakia,” according to FALCO Holsters CEO, Róbert Kováč. “We are proud to bring old-world craftsmanship to gun owners in the United States and invite dealers to investigate our reputation and the quality we display across our families of leather, Kydex, and Nylon gun holsters,” he added.

The holsters are offered as pancake-style, outside-the-waistband rigs for maximum comfort and ease of draw. Each holster uses a thumb break snap to ensure good retention. The mouth of the holsters are reinforced to ensure they remain open for reholstering. Additionally, the rigs offer full coverage of the trigger guard and barrel. However, the bottom of the holster is open to allow for oversize and threaded barrels to be carried.

“With this holster, carry your prized firearm in one of the most beautiful and elaborate Italian leather holsters,” said Kováč. “Furthermore, they make the perfect gift or heirloom. Like all FALCO Holsters, these are fitted precisely to individual firearm specifications and are fully customizable.”

One of the customization options available to shooters is the fitting of the holster to pistols with mounted optics. In the modern era, red dot sights on pistols are a common sight. The old world masters at FALCO Holsters have adapted well to this trend and ensure that you get an exquisite holster that works well with your modern handgun.

“Dedicated to his artistry for decades, we are fortunate to have one of the best in the field who begins by hand-cutting carefully selected full-grain Italian leather,” Kováč stated. “He then hand-sews, hand-molds, hand-carves, paints, and varnishes each piece. He applies only vegetable tan and natural oils resulting in a premium holster finish that gives the work a luxurious finish, feel, and appearance. Each work of art displays beauty and legacy.”

Backed by a lifetime warranty, these holsters are handmade and delivered within 28 days of order. If you are interested in the custom rigs offered by FALCO Holsters, you can visit the company’s website at falcoholsters.com.


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