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First Look: Federal Punch Ammunition in .25 ACP

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Federal Ammunition is adding a solid 45-grain .25 ACP load to its popular Punch Personal Defense product line.

Punch draws from Federal Ammunition’s decades of experience designing some of the world’s most-trusted defensive handgun loads. The Punch line features ultra-effective bullets for terminal performance along with quality brass and sealed primers to deliver the reliable feeding and ignition needed when it counts the most.

“The primary purpose of our Punch product line is to provide an easy answer to the question of ‘What ammo should I use for defense?’ for each cartridge. As such, the product line can feature any bullet design from expanding hollow points to deeper penetrating solids,” said Federal’s Handgun Product Manager Chris Laack. “Much like we discovered while developing the .22LR Punch, the tiny .25 ACP cartridge provides limited potential to work with. Even the best .25-caliber hollow-point bullet may not reliably expand; if it does, the penetration depth is minimal. We found this round’s most effective defense bullet to be a non-expanding solid. The results outperform competitors’ rounds in this cartridge.”

Federal .25 ACP Punch Features

  • Superior terminal ballistic performance
  • Quality brass case with primer seal
  • Balanced performance across different platforms and through the most common barriers
  • Uses a deep-penetrating solid bullet to maximize penetration
  • Caliber-optimized performance extracts full potential from the cartridge’s available energy

Federal successfully launched its Punch line in 2020 and today, the product lineup includes seven cartridge options, including .22LR, .380 ACP, 30 Super Carry, 9mm, .38 Spl and other options. The new Punch 25 ACP, 45-grain Solid load is available in 20-count boxes at an MSRP of $23.99. Visit federalpremium.com for information on this new round as well as other products from Federal Ammunition.



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