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Stevens Model 334 Walnut

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This week on #SundayGunday, we’re taking a closer look at the Stevens Model 334, a bolt-action, all-purpose hunting rifle designed to get the job done without the added expense of additional features the average hunter can do without.

Stevens Arms, originally founded in Chicopee, Massachusetts in 1864, started out as its own entity, but was purchased by Savage in 1920. As a subsidiary of Savage, Stevens continued to manufacture firearms at its Chicopee Falls facility until 1960 when the plant was torn down and Stevens production was moved to other Savage facilities. In 1991, Savage dropped the Stevens name, but brought back the namesake in 1999 for its more budget-friendly firearms.

The Model 334 is manufactured in Turkey by ATA Arms. The facility has been producing exceptional firearms for almost 70 years, and having easy access to resources like Turkish walnut enables them to retain a high standard of quality at a decent price point.

Model 334 on white

Our test rifle, chambered in .308 Winchester, weighs in at 7.2 pounds. Weight-saving materials like carbon-fiber and titanium come at a premium, yet they are always compared to hardwood and steel, which are abundant in this rifle. A medium-contour barrel is mated to an elongated receiver, which is likely setting the stage for a long-action or magnum offering in the near future. The three-lug bolt features a 60-degree lift, and the action feeds from a three-round detachable box magazine. The magazine release lever is found on the front end of the mag well and is pressed toward the trigger guard for removal.

The barreled action features an integrated recoil lug that mates with an aluminum bedding block found inside the Turkish walnut stock. A pair of action screws work in conjunction with steel sleeves to eliminate the need for pillar bedding. Checkering is found on the fore-end and grip, and the oil-rubbed finish serves as excellent weatherproofing and makes for nice contrast against the matte-finished 20-inch barrel and receiver.

A pre-mounted Picatinny rail is included for the easy mounting of optics, but if you choose to remove it for direct-mount rings, the holes are spaced to the same specifications as a Savage 110. The trigger is factory set at 5 to 7.5 pounds.

In addition to .308, the Model 334 is available chambered in .243 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor in either a walnut or synthetic stock. The rifle carries an MSRP of $509 for the walnut-stocked version, and $389 synthetic-stocked version.

To learn more about the Stevens Model 334 bolt-action rifle, visit savagearms.com.



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