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First Look: Garmin TT 15X and T 5X Dog Devices

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Garmin has announced two new tracking collars: the TT 15X and T 5X. Compatible with Garmin Alpha series, Astro 430 and Pro 550 Plus dog tracking units, the TT 15X and T 5X provide up to 80 hours of use from a single charge and have the ability to remotely be put to “sleep” by the dog tracking unit, further extending battery life so users can focus on the hunt and not their dog’s equipment.

“Your dog is an essential part of the hunt, and with TT 15X and T 5X’s significantly increased battery life you won’t waste precious time recharging devices,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “If hunters find their dog-device battery is running low, they can remotely put the dog device on standby from their handheld dog tracking unit with new sleep mode functionality. This feature is especially helpful in a lost dog situation when conserving battery life is critical for recovery.”

Enhanced Battery Life

Battery life on TT 15X and T 5X is up to 80 hours depending on the user-specified update rate. Using a compatible handheld dog tracking unit, TT 15X and TT 5X dog devices can be set to update intervals of 2.5, 5, 10, 30, and 120 seconds.

TT 15X and T 5X provide an improved sleep mode that functions as a remote off/on switch to further extend battery life. When entering sleep mode, the dog device does not provide a live tracking update, but remains on standby to start tracking again. This allows users to keep dog devices on their dogs without having to physically power the collar down from the device to conserve battery. When the dog is ready to hunt again, hunters can simply exit sleep mode and the device will continue to provide tracking information.

If a dog is lost and the dog device is on low battery, users can put the collar to sleep and navigate to the dog’s last known track point. Upon arrival, users can activate the dog device to receive another track point all while conserving battery until the dog is found.

Track with Confidence

The TT 15X and T 5X allow users to track dogs up to nine miles away, using both GPS and GLONASS satellite networks for greater location tracking than GPS alone. When used together for tracking, these satellite networks provide access to a large number of satellites searching for the dog device, and GLONASS compatible receivers can acquire satellites up to 20% faster than devices that rely on GPS alone.

TT 15X or T 5X devices have LED beacon lights that can be remotely activated from a user’s compatible handheld to keep track of their dog in low-light conditions or help warn drivers if a dog wanders near a road. If needed, users can purchase additional TT 15X or T 5X batteries separately to quickly change on their device when charging isn’t available. Both products are water-rated to 1 ATM1. For more information, please visit garmin.comMSRP: $299.99


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