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First Look: Grovtec QS Two Point Sling

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Grovtec US Inc. is now shipping its new two-point tactical sling, the QS (quick slide) Sabre Sling. This tactical sling has a contemporary sleek design with a “quick slide” feature that allows the end user to easily adjust the sling on the fly. To “adjust out,” one simply pulls forward on the sling, and to “tuck in,” one just pulls back. The Sabre sling also includes two Grovtec heavy duty push-button swivels that are intended for use with QD (quick detach) swivel sockets. The quick detach functionality adds a level of convenience when connecting or removing the Sabre Two Point Sling, as QD sockets are found on many accessory rails or stocks nowadays, especially on modern tactical AR-pattern guns. In addition to the quick slide system the tailless design, this sling is constructed from 1-inch wide webbing to keep a low profile, yet provide some stability and rigor.

Many shooters prefer fielding a two-point sling on their rifle because it offers more adjustability than other types of slings and they also allow for easier transitions to a sidearm. This adjustability is important because the amount of slack in your sling can change depending on the task at hand and how you wish to carry or use your rifle. For example, if someone needs to scale a wall or barrier, they can sling their carbine on their back and cinch the sling tight so it doesn’t snag and remains close to the body. Time to shoot on the move when they’re done scaling that wall? Easily loosen the sling and flip the carbine into action.

The Grovtec QS Two Point Sabre Sling retail price starts at $60. This sling can be purchased in black, flat dark earth, multi cam, and multicam black. To learn more about this product or other accessories made by Grovtec US Inc, including compatible mounting solutions for the Sabre sling, please visit their website at grovtec.com.


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