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First Look: Kimber KDS9c Rail

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Kimber Manufacturing is rolling out the KDS9c Rail, a version of their KDS9c pistol with a short length of Picatinny rail on the dust cover. This new model is released based on popular demand for this feature and includes the rail and an ambidextrous safety. Like the original KDS9c, the railed model is built to be the next generation of single-action, hammer-fired, semi-automatic pistol from Kimber.

The KDS9c Rail comes standard with one 15-round magazine and one 18-round magazine with alloy extended-base pad. The optics capability mimics that of the legacy KDS9c and features mounting plates for the Trijicon RMR family of footprints, Holosun K, and Vortex Venom red dot optics.

Everett Deger, Director of Kimber Marketing stated: “When we started shipping the KDS9c in July of 2023, the most requested addition was for a rail and ambidextrous safety, and we listened to those requests. This line extension is a testament to providing the features and attributes that Kimber customers expect and modern firearms owners are looking for. The KDS9c Rail delivers on all of these latest concealed-carry attributes and is machined, assembled and finished by American workers in Troy, AL.” The KDS9c Rail will begin shipping at the end of January. This new model will also be available in states with capacity restrictions with a 10-round magazine.

The ergonomics of the KDS9c deliver both comfort and control and features an alloy frame made with 7075 aerospace grade aluminum. There is a fully integrated crosshatch textured design for the front strap and grip panels, while a crisp 3.5- to 4.5-pound trigger pull provides the feel you have come to expect from Kimber. Additional new features include new grip scales featuring a hi-texture which offers an enhanced grip. Light bearing holsters that are compatible with Surefire X300 lights will be available from TXC in their X1 Pro in both right and left-handed as well as their OVRT holster in both right and left hand.

With an MSRP of $1,903, the complete combined features of the KDS9c Rail deliver a concealed-carry firearm with all the great things you’ve come to expect from Kimber. For more information on the KDS9c or other premium firearms from Kimber, please visit kimberamerica.com.



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