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First Shots: PWS Primary Weapons Systems UXR User Xchange Rifle

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Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) was formed in 2008 as a rifle-component company but has since grown to be one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the Northwest. PWS rolled out its newest product, the UXR, at SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was fortunate to see a demonstration of one taken down and rebuilt and was quite impressed with this new offering.

The ingenious innovation in the UXR (User Xchange Rifle) platform comes from the patent-pending Xchange system. The upper receiver of the UXR is the only serialized component of the system which enables the user to easily transition the configuration and caliber depending on their shooting needs Components of the Xchange system include interchangeable magazine wells to accept different rifle magazine types, and easily changed barrel assembly to quickly swap calibers and barrel lengths.

The UXR innovation doesn’t stop with the functionality and modular design, but careful consideration was given to the look and feel of the firearm, combining sleek and classic aesthetics and smooth ergonomic features.

Being able to adapt in different shooting situations, is important and the UXR doesn’t disappoint. A comprehensive menu of customizable features such as an adjustable cheek plate, ambidextrous selector switch, magazine release and charging handle help create the best shooting experience. Include an adjustable buttstock that can fold either left or right and you have it all.

Ok, so it looks great, but what about the guts? The UXR platform features a proprietary internal operation, a “modified long-stroke piston system,” allowing the rifle to adapt and perform flawlessly. This system allows the user to change caliber and barrels without the need to adjust the gas system each time. The newly designed bore evacuator reduces back pressure especially when a suppressor is used.

Initially available early 2024, in 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK, the UXR will also be available in .308 Win. and 8.6 BLK calibers later this year. MSRP for the UXR is $2,650, and more information on this rifle is available at primaryweapons.com


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