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First Look: Leica Calonox Trinity Riflescope

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Leica announced a new rifle scope combination for the hunting market. The new package, called the Calonox Trinity, mates the company’s 3-18×44 Amplus 6 scope with the Calonox thermal sight to offer hunting in all lighting conditions through the use of thermal technology.

The Amplus 6 is a premium-quality scope designed for hunters and long-range shooters. It is built to withstand rough hunting terrain and the recoil of high-powered rifle cartridges. The glass is exceptionally clear with coatings that ensure correct colors and the suppression of stray light. It uses a crisp red dot for an illuminated aiming point in the BDC reticle.

The other part of this package is the Calonox thermal camera that clips onto the Amplus 6 scope. The Calonox uses a proprietary Leica Image Optimization to provide extremely detailed resolution, color graduation and contrast. Its vanadium oxide sensor has a native resolution of 384×288 with a 17 µm pixel size that mates perfectly with the optics of the Amplus 6. The result is a hunter can clearly ID a target at 380 yards and spot a target at nearly 1.25 miles. The thermal camera does not magnify the image so there are no artifacts introduced through digital interpolation.

Leica also designed a Bluetooth application for your modern cellular phone. This allows you to swap modes and manipulate other settings remotely. You can activate one of four thermal modes: red hot, white hot, black hot and rainbow mode. You can swap between them to help positively ID targets viewed through the scope. In addition to low light situations, thermal images can assist you in adverse weather conditions including rain, snow and fog. Leica does not include any internal video recording in the Calonox system.

For additional information on the Amplus 6 scope, Calonox thermal camera and the Trinity package, visit Leica at the company website at leicacamera.com.


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