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First Look: Nosler Suppressors

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Nosler announced its expansion into suppressor manufacturing with four new models right out of the gate in 2022, giving hunters lightweight, durable options designed to protect their hearing in the field. The new lineup includes two all-titanium models and two hybrid titanium/aluminum options for .22-cal. and .30-cal. firearms.

“Hearing protection is a critical part of shooting firearms safely, but traditional methods such as plugs and muffs can be challenging to use in the field,” Nosler President John Nosler said. “I’ve used these models for several big game hunts in a variety of conditions, not to mention many range sessions, and they have impressed me at every turn. I am confident they will impress you, too.”

The all-titanium suppressor lineup begins with the Nosler SR-22Ti and SR-30Ti, designed for .22-cal. and .30-cal. firearms, respectively. Both cans weigh in at 13 ozs. and are built to provide an additional level of durability as well as lightness and sound mitigation. For those who are worried more about weight and don’t plan to put a significant number of rounds through their suppressors in a short period, there’s the hybrid family as well. Nosler’s 22 ALTi and 30 ALTi, designed for .22-cal. and .30-cal. firearms, respectively, are a combination design that weigh in at just 9 ozs. apiece and provide sound mitigation in a lightweight package for hunters afield.

All four of Nosler’s suppressor offerings are constructed using a modular design that mates the baffle stack to the blast chamber with an exterior jam nut. The cans are easy to take apart for cleaning, maintenance and parts replacement. All four models are designed to attach to firearms equipped with the Nosler Muzzle Brake, and a thread adapter is included for direct-thread mounting. The .30-cal. models are compatible with 5/8-24 TPI muzzle threads, while the .22-cal. models mount via 1/2-28 TPI muzzle threads.

For the all-titanium models, the .22-cal. and .30-cal. suppressors retail for $899.99 and $949.99, respectively. The hybrid aluminum-titanium family of suppressors retail for $649.99 and $699.99 for the .22-cal. and .30-cal. options, respectively. For more information, visit nosler.com.


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