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First Look: Raven Concealment Holsters For The SIG Sauer P 365 XMacro

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Raven Concealment Systems, famous for setting the trend of OWB/IWB hip-hugging concealable Boltaron holsters, is reviving their classic Phantom holster line for the new SIG Sauer P365 X Macro.This limited run consists of the original Phantom and a light bearing version that accommodates the Streamlight TLR-7A compact pistol light.

The Phantom holster is known for its very thin body-hugging profile with a pancake design that efficiently minimizes bulk under clothes and evenly distributes the weight of your pistol. The Phantom’s outer facing side fully covers the gun, including the ejection port and the muzzle. The inner side is cut with a tall sweat shield to protect the wearer and the gun from both sweat damage and wearer discomfort. Users can fasten solid polymer inner facing belt loops for OWB carry, or they can choose between outer facing pull-the-dot soft loops or solid polymer loops for IWB carry as well.

The SIG Sauer P365X Macro is SIG’s largest member of their extremely popular P365 slim, striker-fired 9mm or .380 ACP polymer framed pistols. The X Macro, along with the rest of the P365 family, is designed around carry and personal protection. The P365X Macro is large enough that it operates similar to a full-sized compact pistol with a magazine that holds 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition, without being the size of a full-size or compact pistol. The P365X Macro’s slide is not only optics ready but also has built-in compensator cuts near the muzzle to help with recoil control.

Raven Concealment Systems is currently selling these SIG Sauer P365X Macro Phantom and Phantom Light Bearing holsters as a limited release, sprint run item. Once they are sold out they may not be available again.

Please visit rcsgear.com for more information on this product or other gear from Raven Concealment.



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