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First Look: Realtree Max-7 Camouflage

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Waterfowl hunters often find themselves hunting a wide variety of terrains, be they corn fields, milo, winter wheat, flooded rice, reedy pond edges, hedgerows, buck brush, flooded timber, cattails, or anywhere else ducks want to be. With this in mind, Realtree designed Max-7 to conceal hunters in all of the above—virtually every scenario and any waterfowl environment.

Highly concealing contrast and shapes, combined with the a combination of dark and light elements, break up the human outline at a distance, for increased detection from winged targets. But when viewed close up, Max-7 also offers incredible detail, being decorated with strategically placed design elements featuring high-definition cattails, reeds, limbs, leaves and brush to blend perfectly with an assortment of waterfowl settings.

Realtree Max-7 improves upon the legacy of Realtree Max-5. While success is never a given, Max-7 gives hunters the edge needed for a good shot at a full duck strap.

For more on Max-7, visit realtree.com.


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