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First Look: Ruger-57 Threaded Barrel Kit

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The Ruger-57 took the gun world by storm when it was rolled out in the early months of 2020, and with good reason. The pistol combines the fast-moving 5.7×28 mm cartridge with 20-round standard magazine into a package that costs hundreds of dollars less than competing pistols. The 57 sparked a resurgence of interest in the 5.7×28 mm, and while supplies of that cartridge have been tight over the last few months, interest in the Ruger-57 remains high.

Now Ruger is coming out with a threaded barrel for the 57 which will allow you to attach the muzzle device of your choice to your pistol, such as a suppressor. If you choose to use a suppressor with your Ruger-57, make sure that it’s one that is designed for use with a pistol.

Also make sure that your suppressor is rated to handle the increased gas pressure from the 5.7×28 mm cartridge versus the pressure from the slower (and much less powerful) .22 LR round. Other options you might consider using with this barrel are compensators, which can reduce recoil by diverting some of the gasses which push the bullet out the muzzle, or a flash suppressor to cut down on the blast caused by powder igniting as it leaves the barrel.

The threaded barrel is a genuine Ruger factory accessory that is compatible with the Ruger-57 Pistol. The factory-manufactured, threaded stainless steel barrel accepts any 1/2”-28 (Class 2A) muzzle device. Installing the threaded barrel is quick and easy with no gunsmithing required. The kit contains a factory-manufactured stainless steel barrel designed for optimal fit and function as well as a thread protector, adapter and wrench.

MSRP for the threaded barrel for the Ruger-57 is $299,95, and more information on this product and other gear from Ruger is available at ShopRuger.com.

Article by SI Staff

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