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First Look: Shooting Bags From MDT

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MDT is known for its precision shooting accessories such as rifle chassis systems and other products. After having recently acquired Warhorse Development, another company known for its shooting support bags, MDT is now partnering releasing three new shooting bags under the MDT label. These new bags are the MDT Traveller, the MDT Grand Old Canister and the MDT Peanut. Each new shooting bag is named after a famous warhorse.

The Traveller Shooting Bag is inspired by General Robert E. Lee’s horse, the Traveller bag is a versatile and steadfast companion for marksmen. The bag can be filled with either from the ultra-light Git-Lite or the traditional House Fill to match your need for a stable shooting position. The bag measures 8X6X1 inches, and weighs 8 ounces when filled with GIt-Lite or 1 pound with House Fill. MSRP for this bag is $49.99 for the Multicam version or $69.95 in Coyote Brown.

The MDT Grand Old Canister Shooting Bag is named after General Sickles’ trusted warhorse, the Grand Old Canister. Like other MDT Shooting Bags, the Grand Old Canister is made from 500D for robustness as well as solid support and flexibility. The bag is available in two sizes, two color choices and two fill material choices. MSRP for this bag begins at $59.95

The MDT Peanut Shooting Bag is a tribute to the versatile Quarter Horse, Peanuts, and the Peanut shooting bag mirrors adaptability and relentless spirit. Its streamlined design and rugged construction make it a dependable, resilient, and adaptable rest. In addition to this, long and narrow profile is perfect for fitting into tight spaces on PRS props or barricades. Its unique shape settles over surfaces, creating a stable, flat platform for your rifle.. MSRP for the Peanut shooting bag is $89.99

To learn more about these new shooting bags or other products from MDT, please visit MDT’s website at mdttac.com.



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