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First Look: Sionyx Aurora Night Vision Kit

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The Sionyx Aurora Black and Pro, handheld digital color night-vision cameras, will now be available in all-new Uncharted kits. Two bundle options are available. With either the Ram Camera Mount System or the Ram Camera Mount System plus a Tablet Mount System, consumers can choose between the Uncharted Aurora Black and the Uncharted Aurora Pro kits.

The Aurora series of cameras provide users with digital night-vision capabilities. The highly sensitive and wide-spectrum response allows the Aurora models to capture details in <1 MLX moonless starlight, so you can see well beyond what human eyes can detect in the dark. The Auroras’ power comes from the proprietary black silicon, with which users can capture full cover photo and video with as little ambient light as the stars.

The Uncharted Aurora Black kit comprises the Aurora Black Explorer Kit—includes the Black camera and a 940nm Illuminator torch with mount—plus the Ram Camera Mount System.

The Uncharted Aurora Pro kit comprises the Aurora Pro Explorer Kit—the Pro camera and a 940nm Illuminator torch with mount, Ram Camera Mount System, and the Ram Tablet Mount System—for the ultimate hands-free adventure set-up whether exploring at night on land or water.

For more information, please visit sionyx.comMSRP: $999-$1299


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