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First Look: Springfield Armory Ronin EMP

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Springfield Armory recently announced the newest addition to its award-winning family of 1911s with the Ronin EMP. The new pistol combines the popular features of the Ronin series of pistols with the  Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) platform, which is ideal for the concealed carry crowd. The result is a potent and packable EDC pistol that is, according to Springfield, the smallest 1911 in the world.

The patented EMP was specifically engineered around the 9 mm cartridge and its overall shorter length than rounds such as the .45 ACP and 10 mm. Rather than simply shortening the barrel and slide like most compact 1911 pistols, the EMP features a shortened frame of the pistol fore to aft. As a result, the pistol is not only shorter and more compact, but also has a reduced grip radius for both enhanced comfort and concealability.

“The EMP has long been a popular CCW pistol for 1911 fans, due to its incredible ergonomics and easily concealable dimensions,” explains Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “And now with the new Ronin EMP, shooters get one with all the benefits and features of the Ronin series of 1911 pistols.”

Most recently, the EMP received a facelift with the Ronin family treatment. The Ronin EMP features an attractive two-tone finish, made up of a carbon steel slide with a hot salt blue finish and satin silver Cerakote finish on the lightweight aluminum frame. Additional Ronin features include Crossed Cannon wood grips, a fiber optic front sight paired to a Tactical Rack rear sight, extended beavertail grip safety with memory bump, and much more.

The EMP Ronin is offered in two variants, including an ultra-compact 3-inch version with a 9+1 capacity, and a 4-inch version with a 10+1 capacity. Like all Springfield Armory 1911-style pistols, the Ronin EMP pistols feature forged steel construction in their slides and barrels, as well as forged alloy frames. The result are pistols that are lightweight and packable, yet also ruggedly durable.

Designed and built for a lifetime of EDC service, the Ronin EMP pistols offer 1911 enthusiasts a highly refined handgun with unparalleled durability and strength, all in a package offering CCW-ready performance. MSRP on the new pistols is $849; more information can be found at Springfield-Armory.com.



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