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First Look: Swagger SFR-10 Bipod

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Swagger Bipods is now shipping their new SFR-10 Tactical Bipod. The SFR-10 Tactical Bipod is a hyper-adaptable bipod that is designed to conform and contort to any type of surface or terrain via Swagger Bipod’s patented “Modular Leg Technology.” Each bipod leg on the SFR-10 Tactical Bipod moves independently and has a coil spring that can twist in order to adjust tension depending on the needs of the individual shooter and their task at hand. This means that a shooter can build their position and mold their rifle and scope to the terrain around them and then independently adjust each leg for the tension needed to “load” the bipod with the exact degree of pressure they desire. The ability to tune the tension and the pressure to load this bipod is useful when switching the bipod from a bolt action rifle or from a standard size AR to a large frame AR that is chambered in a larger and heavier recoiling cartridge, for example.

Swagger Bipod’s “Modular Leg Technology” also lends itself well not only to tactical shooting, but also hunting and competition scenarios. The SFR-10 Tactical Bipod has features such as:

  • Legs that can bend to 45 degrees permitting shooters to have a lower ground clearance
  • Bipod comes equipped with a quick detach lever
  • Bipod mounts directly to Picatinny rail
  • It weighs just under a pound coming it at 15.2 ounces
  • Effective adjustment range from 6 inches to 10.5 inches

The Swagger SFR-10 Tactical Bipod retails for $249.99 and also includes Swagger Bipod’s “Shoot With Confidence Guarantee.” If you are not at all satisfied with this or any other of their products, Swagger Bipods will buy it back and give you a full refund with no questions asked. For more information on the SFR-1- Tactical Bipod and other bipods or shooting gear sold by Swagger Bipods, please visit their website at swaggerbipods.com.


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