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First Look: TacSol Performance Magazine Release for the Ruger 10/22

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The Ruger 10/22 is a popular choice for America’s gun owners. While it’s a great gun that is accurate, versatile and easy to upgrade with a wide range of accessories, there is always room for improvement. One of the areas of frustration for many 10/22 owners is the stock magazine release that ships with the gun. The catch can be confusing to operate and hard to operate quickly, especially for new 10/22 owners.

Now Tactical Solutions (TacSol), a company known for its rimfire firearms, upgrades, and accessories, is offering a new magazine release for the Ruger 10/22 and TacSol X-Ring rifles. This new magazine release, the Performance Magazine Release, is a shorter design than their previous TacSol Extended Magazine Release. The TacSol Extended Magazine Release is easy to install and makes removing your magazine easy, without having to fumble around and search for the magazine release button. The magazine release is laser engraved with the “TacSol” name and comes standard in eight different colors so your custom build is truly customized.

TacSol Extended Magazine Release Features

  • Easy Magazine Removal: No looking for a button to push, simply push out on the PMR and magazine removal is a breeze
  • Low Profile Design: Shorter than our traditional Extended Magazine Release
  • Lightweight: Virtually no weight added with lightweight aircraft aluminum construction
  • Colorful Options: Eight color options to customize your gun to fit your individual preference
  • Fits the Contour of your Ruger trigger: The PMR was designed to fit the shape of your factory Ruger trigger group
  • Quick and Easy to Install: Internet video instructions, no gunsmithing needed

MSRP for the TacSol Extended Magazine Release is $59.95. For more information on this product and other gear from TacSol, please visit tacticalsol.com.

Article by SI Staff

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