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First Look: Thyrm Low Profile Carry Clip

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In 2014, Thyrm changed the premium flashlight market with the introduction of the SwitchBack. The Switchback is an accessory pocket clip for high performance tactical lights from brands like Surefire and Streamlight that allowed for easy pocket carry. The finger ring on the Switchback brought on a host of new features to the handheld light market such as flashlight retention techniques and training and the innovate SwitchBack technique for using your defensive handgun. Based on this success, users began asking for a low-profile flashlight carry clip, which spurred the design of the SwitchBack’s undercover cousin, the new LPC Clip.

The LPC (Low Profile Carry) Clip has a lanyard hole fits 1/8-inch shock-cord and paracord and is designed and produced in the USA. It offers the easy concealed carry of premium flashlights from brands such Modlite Systems, Surefire, Streamlight, and the soon-to-be-released Cloud Defensive handheld. This low ride height minimizes visual signature of the light, which draws less attention to whatever other gear you might have with you. Thyrm designed subtle control surfaces into the LPC to aid in secure deployments and use with various grip techniques.

Thrym LPC Clip features:

  • Pocket clip with optimized retention force (also MOLLE compatible)
  • Side grip texture and winglets for no-slip handling
  • Lanyard hole for additional retention options
  • Durable, non-conductive polymer construction that won’t scratch surroundings

MSRP for the LPC Clip is $17.99, and to learn more about this item or other gear from Thrym, please visit thyrm.com.


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