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First Look: True Knives Titanium Block Multitool

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True Knives has just unveiled a new general purpose multi-tool that has both a small footprint and an affordable price. The new True Knives Titanium Block Multitool is a modern take on the classic “Swiss Army knife” idea, whith similar tools and functions as those classic red utility knives. However, True Knives’ new design brings the multitool to the 21st century by enhancing its functionality, such as 2.75 inch tanto-style folding blade and a modernized driver system.

The tanto folding blade has a liner lock mechanism and is constructed from titanium nitride coated 3Cr13 steel, which is a step up from most blades seen on similar tools at this price point. The Titanium Block Multitool’s driver system is very versatile, as it works with ¼-inch hex drive tool bits, and has a standard Phillips #2 ¼-inch bit along with a flathead #5 bit. For those who who spend time around firearms at both the range at home, having a handy tool that easily stows with ¼-inch driver compatibility means that they can use Torx, Allen or other specialty bits with the Titanium Block Multitool to fix and adjust firearms and optics on the fly. The driver arm system uses True Knives’ patented Lockout system which fixes the arm either 90 or 180 degrees in place for better leverage depending on the situation.

True Knives Titanium Block Multitool Features

  • Locking Driver
  • Patent pending, two-position lockout system
  • 1/4 Inch Driver, Phillips #2, Flat #5
  • Titanium nitride coating
  • 75 inch Tanto blade, 3Cr13 steel, Titanium nitride coating
  • Liner Lock

Other Features

  • Bottle opener
  • Flat Edge scraper
  • Pocket clip
  • Total Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Folded Length: 3.78 inches

MSRP for the Titanium Block Multitool is $19.99, and for more information on this item or other products from True Knives, please visit true.agcbrands.com



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