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First Look: Walker’s Disrupter Electronic Ear Buds

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Walker’s has just released the Disrupter Electronic Bluetooth compatible noise-canceling ear buds. With different levels of adjustability, these earbuds are useful to hunters out in the field, shooters enjoying a local match or students attending a gun training class. The Disrupters Ear Buds are designed to block out harmful noises while still allowing the wearer to hear ambient sounds. In addition to this, the ear buds can sync to a Bluetooth-compatible device. The Walker’s Disrupters come with five different pre-programmed settings including Universal, High Frequency Boost, Clear Voice, Power Boost and Custom. Like other modern ear buds, Walkers includes a USB charging case and assorted interchangeable ear tips. Besides the obvious use for hearing protection around loud noises and firearms, these wireless ear buds can also be used recreationally as well. Walker’s has their Link 4.0 app available to customers in order to make it more convenient for users to control their Disrupter’s Ear Buds setting through their mobile device or smart watch.

“With this product, we’ve really taken every detail into consideration,” said Doug Mann, VP of brands. “By allowing users to choose the best listening mode for their activity and environment, the Disrupters are capable of not only minimizing the potential damage caused by repeated exposure to shotgun blasts and other gunfire but to improving the clarity of close-range sounds as well.”

Walker’s Disrupter Ear Bud Specifications

  • Noise Reduction Rating: 24 dB
  • Microphones: 4, omni directional
  • Battery: Ear buds recharge in dock/ USB charging case
  • App Supported: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Battery Life: 6 hours Bluetooth Streaming, 11 hours ambient/passive use
  • FOTA (firmware over the air) update ability

Walker’s has these new Disrupter ear buds available online on their website or anywhere else where Walker’s products are sold. The Disrupters have a retail price of $249.99. Please visit walkersgameear.com for more information.



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