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First Look: X-Vision Optics Thermal Scopes

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X-Vision Optics is launching a new thermal optic product line known as the Impact Series which consists of three different models: the Impact 150, Impact 250 and the Impact 350. X-Vision worked on these models to ensure their suitability for both recreational and professional end users. The three different models in the Impact Series lineup represent an entry level option with the Impact 150, a middle of the road choice with the Impact 250 and X-Vision’s Impact Series flagship model with the Impact 350.

Impact 150
The entry-level model in the series, the Impact 150 offers robust performance and value. It features a 2.4X to 9.6X magnification range, a 384×288 thermal sensor and a detection range of up to 1,100 yards. The scope’s user-friendly interface and durable construction make it an excellent choice for novice and seasoned hunters alike.

Impact 250
Stepping up in capabilities, the Impact 250 boasts a 4.7X to 18X magnification range, a 384×288 thermal sensor, and an extended detection range of up to 2,200 yards. This model is designed for those who demand higher resolution and greater detail, making it ideal for more challenging hunting and tactical scenarios.

Impact 350
The flagship model, the Impact 350, offers unparalleled performance with a 2X to 6X magnification range, a 640×480 thermal sensor and a detection range of up to 1,500 yards. With advanced image processing and enhanced features, the Impact 350 is perfect for professional use and the most demanding conditions.

All Impact Series thermal scopes include high resolution displays that provide crisp and clear images, a long battery, user friendly interfaces with easy to navigate menus and lastly, these optical also have the capability of taking both pictures and shooting video. Retail pricing for the Impact series starts at $2,999 for the entry level Impact 150 and continues to $5,999 for the top of the line Impact 350. To learn more, please visit xvisionoptics.com.




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